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Since I’ve ceased using my other journal, and the rpg might get deleted one day, I decided to post a few logs from the game here. If only to remember some good times by, if nothing else.

Room of Requirement
Characters: Blaise Zabini (played by the ever brilliant Anne) and Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC17
AN - Pryor to this, Draco and Blaise had had a little mutually beneficial oral in the Prefects Bathroom. Blaise forgot about the incident, while Draco remembered everything. Blaise has just learned about the location of the RoR from a meeting with the Hufflepuff Prefect and wants to show it to Draco. The game started before the release of HBP, which means Blaise is not black.

With a sigh of relief Blaise stood up after finishing all the assignments he missed during his stay in the wall and infirmary. His eyes were puffed from the lack of sleep but he knew that he wouldn't sleep knowing that he had to show the Room of Requirements to Draco. He promised and he always kept his promises, even if Draco chided him for it. He gathered the parchments and books and headed to the common room hoping that he'd meet Draco there.

Packing up the last of his homework and the list his father had requested, Draco made his way down to the common room. There were so many lose ends he needed to tie up and for some odd reason the Slytherins were more scattered this year then ever before. He walked in to the almost deserted room and curled up in his chair. Soon some one had to come along.

As soon as he said the password and the door-portrait opened Blaise immediately spotted Draco on his chair.

"Hey Draco, ready for the tour?" He said making the other boy's head snap up. "Just give me time to put these down and I'll be back."

He ran into the dorm and put the books in his trunk. Then he hurriedly went back in the common room and ran a hand though his messed up hair. He felt weary and all he wanted to do was to get into his comfy bed and relax but he had to get this over first.

"Let's go, just follow me."

Draco frowned but didn't argue with the boy. He quickly got up and followed him out of the room, and tried his bet to keep up, when Blaise all but ran down the hall towards something.

"Slow down," Draco panted as he grabbed hold of the back of Blaise's robe. "I'm sure what ever it is, it can wait just a little longer for us to get there."

Slowing his pace Blaise allowed Draco to catch his breath. He continued slowly towards his destination and come to think on it he was feeling as if he lost his track.

"Uhm... " He mumbled as soon as they passed the same corner for the third time. "It should be here, I don’t understand."

He looked worryingly at the other Slytherin and hoped that his memory wasn't playing tricks on him. "We have to think on something that we want the room to change into. Something we need." All Blaise could think of was to go back into his dorms and sleep, but the door wasn't in sight yet.

"What? We have to think about something? Are you mad? What if we end up thinking about two different things? Let's say I'm thinking about something really disgusting, and you are thinking about how hungry you are. Would this mean we would end up finding a room full of disgusting foods?" The idea itself almost made Draco cross-eyed, and he jabbed Blaise in the ribs.

"So, go find it ... think of something. I'll be waiting here"

Nodding in agreement Blaise started to move around in circles thinking about the room, just a room. He walked and walked but nothing happened, Damn room! I need to sleep c'mon! He thought with a such passion that suddenly the door appeared.

"Draco! It's here come!" he whispered a little loudly, hoping he was heard.

Ignoring the high-pinched note in Blaise's voice, Draco stepped around him and pulled the door open.

"What? .. Blaise.. what is this?"

Draco had frozen in the doorway and only moved his hand to gesture in to the room. "I thought you said ..." His breath hitched, but Draco pressed on none the less, "..that you said you didn't remember anything"

"Yes but my memory is returning, I told you it will return. Anyway, lets open the room."

As soon as Blaise said that he opened the room, "I was thinking of a plain roo..."

He was going to say room, but as soon as he opened the door he found himself facing a bedroom with dark green curtains and a faint yellow light and an enormous bed with pillows and cushions.

"Uhm," was all he could say as he took in the tempting vision.

"You ... you ... it's..."

Draco looked away and then looked back at the bedroom. It was, without a doubt, a bedroom. Draco got himself together and glared back at his House-mate.

"Great Blaise, you found a bedroom. I'm sure Hogwarts has hundreds of those. This only proves that you have been here before." Draco huffed, and stalked out, expecting Blaise to follow.

"Think of something else, or I refuse to believe you."

"No, Draco! Wait!." Blaise closed the door and walked towards Draco. "Think of something and go where the door was. It will appear and enter."

He waited and wondered why Draco was taking it so badly. "Just go and have a look yourself."

All sorts of memories had stirred at the sight of the Slytherin coloured bedroom, and Draco was sure that with that boy so close by, he would not succeed in ridding his mind of that.

"No...No, I'm most sure you should do that, Blaise. Positive" Draco backed up a little more, just to be sure that the room didn't pick up any of his thoughts.

"But I already did it! It would turn in the same room, I'm sure of it!" Blaise sighed and stepped back urging the other boy to think of something. "Just think about anything, c'mon it's not difficult. Anything will do."

Draco backed all the way back until he hit the wall, "Oh no, not me. You do it. Think about something else... think about Potions or Quidditch, anything... but I'm not going to think at the wall."

Draco voice had taken a slight panicky edge to it, and he was pressed against the stone wall furthest away from the enchanted piece of wall.

Confused Blaise wondered what was wrong with Draco. "But why? Okay Quidditch...uhm maybe, brooms? ..."

In that instant his mind raced and he saw Draco letting him use his broom to go for a flight. The prefect's bathroom flashed in his mind and suddenly the door appeared again. He was afraid to open it; he looked at Draco with his widened eyes and stepped back.

"I - Perhaps... maybe I should go back." He said feeling his face flush, realizing that he finally identified who was the person he had an affair with in the prefect's bathroom.

Draco looked at the flushed face and the fast breathing, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Alright, you ninny. I'll open it. I tell you , it’s just a bedroom, a spare one perhaps." Growling a little, he covered the hallway fast and pushed the door open, looked inside and gasped. "You ... it's..." He whirled around and grabbed Blaise by the collar of his robe, pulling him along and propelled the Slytherin in to the room.

"You said, you SAID you didn't remember anything!"

As Blaise found himself hauled in the room he blinked and couldn't meet Draco's eyes, all that transpired between them played in his mind as if it was projecting a film. He was growing uncomfortable.

"I - I just... remembered." He squeaked at the floor, "uhm... well, I wanted to know who I was having dreams of but..." As soon as he said those words he clamped his hands in front of his mouth and looked up horrified at his words.

"What? Tell me you're kidding," Draco groaned, taking a step away and his hands fell down to hang by his side.

"You've been ... dreaming... of me?" That thought was just ... odd. They slept in the same dorm, and the notion that the other boy was dreaming of him was ... unsettling. "And what do you dream of... with me?" the question was asked lightly, teasing, but Draco was dreadfully nervous and he wiped his hands off on his robe to get the sweat off.

Realizing what Draco was thinking, Blaise shook his head frantically. "No! Not that way! I was having flashes of what ... what we uhm did. You know..." He had to stop and close his eyes for a moment to clear his mind then he continued, "It was all blurry and I couldn't fathom who was the other ...uhm you know, until now. Not that I was dreaming of you in that way every night it was just my memories jumbling up." Blaise sighed and felt his heart tearing its way through his chest towards his throat. Things were suddenly becoming so weird.

"Oh, right. That's better." Draco relaxed and leaned against the nearest wall. "Just.. don't let me catch you dreaming of me too loudly then," he joked.

"Alright, I believe you. This room is ... amazing. Just think what we could do here." Draco’s mind went off in thoughts of cunning plans and revenge. "Just think... this place... man, I should have known about this before I su..." He stopped and cleared his throat, "Never mind, but ... Merlin, it's a great room."

"Yes it is." Blaise concluded just to say something since his mouth was drier than sand and the fact that the room started to change wasn't helping him. He was afraid to look at what it was changing into. "Well, I guess we're here. Uhm..." He finished eloquently noticing that Draco was still invading his personal distance.

His mouth suddenly gone dry, Draco bit the side of his tongue to make it go away. "Yes," his voice almost breathy, and Draco was very aware of the warmth that came off Blaise in waves, even through all their layers of clothes.

"Here we are," Draco didn't notice that the shape of the room was changing, not until Blaise's eyes flew open and he made a small startled sound. "What?" Draco turned around fast, thinking that maybe someone had entered the room, and it would be a rather embarrassing position to be caught in; Draco standing close enough to the other boy to feel his exhales brush against his cheek and his hands were so close to touching the hands in front of him.

Fighting with his curiosity, Blaise turned his gaze and watched the bathtub change into a bed and the nearby sink into a drawer. Music started to flow in the air and Blaise's mind flew to Jon for a split second, making a pang of guilt curse through him. He felt trapped, not physically but emotionally with his own rising desire.

"Draco.." He rasped as soon as he turned his head, his mind was reeling, who was wishing the room to change? Blaise's blue eyes fell on Draco's lips and instinctively he wetted his lips repeating a huskier "Draco..."

"Hmmmm... yesss?" Draco saw the room change and watched out of the corner of his eyes as the bedroom came back slowly; it was a little odd to witness, the kind of over-lapping of realities as the cold tiles were replaced with soft rugs and flickering flames.

"You're doing this, arn't you?"

"Doing wha..?" Blaise rasped out, his eyes still fixed on Draco's lips. He wondered if kissing Draco was as good as he remember it to be. "I guess we're both doing it..." he continued inching a little forward until his lips touched barely the blonde's mouth. He stopped like that, neither pressing further nor backing back. Just studying the feel of Draco's lips with his. So much different from Jon's he thought, closing his eyes tilting his neck and applying a little more pressure.

The first thought that entered Draco's mind was denying everything, when Blaise's lips brushed against his own so very softly, but he didn't move any closer and he didn't exactly kiss him. It was more like warm pressure. Everything Draco had felt that evening in the Prefects Bathroom came crashing through him again, but more powerful this time, he knew what he was expecting and how he just loved that taste in his mouth and the firm, angular body pressed against his own.

"Blaise?" Draco whispered, seconds before the lack of doing something drove him to slide both arms around Blaise and pull him flush up against him; hands roaming over Blaise's back and his tongue slid over those full lips and in to the warmth and wetness behind them. Draco couldn't stop his body from grinding in to Blaise, nor did he even want to at this point. All he wanted was warm, silken skin on his and much more of Blaise's mouth.

"Move, to.. over here." Never letting go, or breaking the kiss, Draco pulled Blaise towards the four poster bed in the middle of the room.

Finding himself being led next to the bed, Blaise did nothing to fight it. Not since his hormones took the lead and clouded all his rational thoughts. As soon as they arrived near the bed Blaise pushed Draco over it and straddled him feeling a thrill of unexpected pleasure in doing this. "Should have known..." he murmured before leaning down and kissing forcefully Draco again slipping his tongue in his mouth while holding him pinned to the bed.

He should have known it was Draco, the one who he had his first erotic experience with. He felt his heartbeat speed up and his breath exhale in light pants as he started to fumble with Draco's clothes murmuring "So beautiful..." that word reminded him of Jon, their first kiss. It seemed that a claw snatched his limbs away in an instant making Blaise stop and look down at Draco. He wondered what he was doing and if Jon ever found out about this... Blaise hesitated.

Not thinking clearly at all with Blaise sitting on top of him, Draco let his hands move slowly up the other boy's leg; starting at the slender calfs, moving up and over knees and the thrill of adrenalin when Blaise gasped as Draco's hands moved up his thighs. The absence of Blaise’s warm mouth on his, made Draco snap his eyes open.

" Why'd you stop?" he asked, grinding upwards a little and a small whimper escaped at the delicious friction he had managed to create.

Blaise moaned as Draco's hands reached his bulging crotch. His mouth instinctively found Draco's and as he proceeded to ravish the blonde's mouth his hands divested his clothes. "Want you so much," He moaned against the grey eyed wizard's ravished lips punctuating his statement by rubbing his crotch against those hands which were driving him crazy with lust. He suppressed his guilt and thoughts of Jon and lost himself in the lustful air that surrounded them. Frantic for more contact Blaise tore his shirt and Draco's off and instinctively pressed his torso with Draco's and rocked them both with a sudden thrust. "Not enough...can't get 'nuff" He murmured moving his head over Draco's neck and further down until his mouth got attached to his pink bud, he was growing more aroused by Draco's soft mewling.

“Oh … just .. oh...” Draco breathed; arching his back almost off the soft covers to meet Blaise’s waiting mouth. The heat of the room seemed almost unbearable to him, and Draco had to get his clothes off, now, and preferably Blaise’s too.

“Oh.. just… wait.. “ He pushed the other boy off his legs and with hands trembling, he unbuttoned his trousers and wiggled them down to his feet where they got caught on shoes.

“Damn it,” his whole body was practically vibrating with need and want and heat and desire and … Ah, finally! Draco had toed off his shoes and socks and managed to get all the way out of his remaining clothing. “Now… where were we?”

Draco turned around to face the other boy sitting on the bed, and crawled closer; eyes sparkling and skin starting to gleam with sweat.

Blaise watched transfixed as Draco pulled himself away from him and started undressing, his eyes drank every inch of Draco's body and when he was finally naked Blaise was thanking Merlin that he was seated as he felt his head spin with lust. "So... perfect" he told his fellow Slytherin mesmerized by his beauty. Suddenly he felt like a tiger about to pounce on his prey as the blond moved closer. His trousers felt like they were going to explode but he didn't want to undress yet, he moved and fell on his knees in front of Draco and licked his cock teasingly. "mmm" he moaned as he heard Draco gasp just before taking his hardened flesh in his mouth and gave it a hard suck.

"Oh! Bloody Hell Blaise!" Draco gasped out as soon as he was enveloped in wet, warm heat. All he could do was hold on tight to the boy's shoulders and try not to follow through with the thought of pushing in even further, choking him. Being 16 and male meant it didn't take a lot of gentle tonguing or soft sucking before he felt the telltale pooling of blood in his groin and the sudden rush of electricity cackling over his skin. Draco pushed Blaise away, crawling backwards fast.

"No, stop.. not... yet," he panted, fighting to catch his breath and stem off the very near orgasm. Blaise was smirking just a little too broadly for Draco's liking and he promptly flung himself bodily at the Slytherin; stole his breath away with a deep, delicious kiss and shoved both hands down the front of Blaise's trousers, long fingers curled around the firm erection and Draco started stroking him with slow, lengthy flicks of his wrist.

Blaise moaned as soon as Draco's hands started pumping him, "oh gods! Draco, that feels so good...ooh" he suddenly exclaimed. After few more strokes he moved his hands and clutched Draco's to stopping him uttering huskily, "m'going to come if you'll keep doing that." Then he proceeded to take off his trousers and undergarments and when he was stark naked he moved and pulled Draco on the bed so that their bodies were pressed together, erections aligned rubbing with each other while their lips were busy absorbed by exploring the confines of their mouths.

Draco had always seen himself as a man in control, of himself and everyone around him that were inferior to him. But the feeling of being dragged down on the bed and covered by all that smooth, sleek skin was far too good, and he was burning too much to be bothered with the fact that he was the one on his back, beneath someone.

Just then, Blaise made the best twisting motion downwards, and Draco arched up, grinding his rock, hard cock against the matching one being pushed down. The friction was so much better then when he did it himself, so much more intense and oh gods! Draco was sure the slippery-slide of skin on sweaty skin was going to drive him crazy. His skin felt too tight and Blaise felt so good, so close, so …”Oh, GODS!” the words were muffled by Blaise tongue in his mouth and he came, hard, in-between them, shuddering as his release rippled through him.

Riding Draco was something he never thought he would be doing but as soon as something slick and warm coated his crotch and stomach he believed it, Merlin if he did! Giving his final few thrusts downwards Blaise came with a muffled groan over his Slytherin friend and fell limply over him. He lied still, panting for a moment until he caught his breath and shifted to the side letting Draco breathe. "Gods, that.. that was... " he fell silent, how did they end up like this again? What would Jon say if he sees him like this? The idea of the door opening and Jon walking in gave him icy shivers, stopping his heart for a second. As if on cue the room started to change into the oh so familiar Ball hall in which he and Jon practiced. What if Draco discovers his escapade with Jon in this room? It was more frightening then the previous thought.

Draco slowly came down from the high and wanted nothing more then to curl up somewhere, preferably with someone warm, and go to sleep. But Blaise seemed to have other ideas; he sat up straight and looked wide-eyed around the room. Draco looked too.

"A ball room? This was great and all, but I'm not dancing with you. I'm naked." He couldn't help become aware of the sticky patch on his stomach and the pearly-white liquid running down Blaise. "Uhhmm, cleaning spell?" His wand was all the way over in his trousers and he didn't feel like getting up just now. “Mmmm, that was .. nice.” He purred, still suffering from the afterglow.

“Blaise, are you … alright with this?” Said afterglow might have softened him up just a bit, because he felt absolutely amazing and being snarky was just too much of a bother right now.

Blaise blushed and nodded, "Yeah cleaning charm.." After Draco spelled them both clean Blaise stood up and started dressing really fast. "It was great." He said as he zipped his trousers, all he wanted to do was go in his bed and think about why he was feeling bad for Jon, what was it with this boy what made him react so soon? As soon as he finished dressing he turned to face Draco and smiled hesitantly, "uhm... you want to stay here?"

Draco sighed and rolled over to get to his feet. “No, we better get back to the common room. It’s close to curfew and I, for one, don’t want to get caught by Filch or madam Norris.” He tucked his shirt back in and buttoned up his trousers, not bothering to put his socks on, Draco just pocketed them and slid his shoes back on. Now it was getting harder to even look at Blaise, even looking at him made Draco think about what they had done, and when fully dressed, he felt his face heat up. “Uhhmm, so… we should get going.” He moved to the door, peaked out to make sure no one would see them leave and called back to Blaise: “Come on, let’s go”

They walked together in silence, each caught up in his own thoughts and they reached the Common Room without further incidents.
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