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Same game as before. Pre-HBP, Blaise is not black.

Characters: Blaise Zabini (Again, played by Anne) and Draco Malfoy
Rated: NC17
AN - Blaise can’t sleep and decides to tell Draco about his encounter with a Hufflepuff.

Struggling to fall asleep Blaise hit his pillow several times with his head. “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! I want to sleep! Why can’t I fall asleep?”

He cursed under his breath as soon as he realized that sleep was something he can forget again this night. He could feel his heart beating in his chest as his mind reeled with thoughts of Jon and Draco. To make things worse his stock of Firewhiskey was used and nothing could help him take his thoughts away. Resigned to another sleepless night, Blaise stood up and pulled a cloak over the pyjama and trotted out of the dormitory wondering into the common room. With a quick “Incendio” he lit the hearth and sat down in front of the fire, looking at the flickering flames wondering about the Ball and the plan.

Draco was a light sleeper, even at home at the Manor, but here in the Slytherin dormitories and with Daphne missing, he slept even lighter. One could never know when it might come in handy. He had heard Blaise try in vain to fall asleep and finally giving up and sneaking out of the dorm. Draco got up and slipped on his school-robe over his pj’s and slipped out too; following his year mate to the common room.

“Is something wrong, Blaise? Or are you just working up your courage to visit the girls dorm?” He whispered, walking closer to the fire. The dungeons were always so cold, even during the summer months.

Having being caught off guard Blaise jumped and sighed heavily as soon as he saw Draco. “Blast! Draco, you almost gave me a heart attack! Couldn’t you make some noise?” Taking some deep breaths he managed to stop his heart from leaping out and turned to look back at the mesmerizing flames. “No, none of that. I just can’t seem to get some sleep.” He replied truthfully. His inner voice was telling him to spill it out and tell him everything but knowing the other boy he couldn’t imagine how he would react. His drew his knees under his chin and continued to stare at the orange stripes in the fireplace.

“Yes, I noticed your failure in the falling-asleep department. And you are sure you’re not just biding your time to sneak up and peek in on the girls?”

Draco sat down on the cold, stone floor and looked in to the flames, “If this is about Daphne, I know you’re taking her to the Ball and all. I’m sure she’s just out having a good time. You might still be able to steal a snog or two from her at the Ball before we …” He trailed off, not mentioning the planned attack.

“What ever it is, it cannot matter much in the long run. Not much does.” And Draco thoughts ran towards the Cause, The Dark Lord and everything he had ever been taught, everything he believed would matter in his life: Ridding the World of Mudbloods and Halfbloods, no matter what means. He shuddered, cold even right in front of the fire, and wrapped his robe closer around himself. He hadn’t thought that much about actually killing anyone, someone his own age even, but if Father said so, he would. The idea (and accompanying mental images) still made him queasy, but it wouldn’t change what he was supposed to do.

Blaise kept silent throughout Draco’s speech. He was indeed worried about Daphne but his insomnia wasn’t caused due to that. No, it was caused due to what Draco was saying now… the Plan. Fighting the urge to break something, Blaise punched the floor and whimpered as his fingers snapped at the contact. “Damnation!” he muttered under his breath. He needed to confide in Draco, he was his best friend, he’d understand even if he was a Slytherin.

“It’s just that…” How could he phrase his thoughts? He searched his mind for a possible way to tell Draco what was keeping him from having a good night rest and after few moments he murmured: “What would you think if I told you I saw a Slytherin having an affair with another student of another house?”

“What I would say?” Normally Draco wouldn’t have bothered to even answer such a blatantly stupid question, but seeing how it was Blaise who was asking, he figured his friend at least deserved a thought-about-reply. He drummed his fingers against the floor, weighing pro’s and con’s about Outer House Relationships.

“I would have to say, it depends on who it is and who they were seeing. If I find anyone sneaking out to meet up with Potter or anyone from his Golden Trio, I will find a way to kill that person twice! But it all depends on who, why and where. Why? Are you worried about Daphne? I know she’s not responsible for having to see that Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff where ever he’s from.” He finished, looking back at his friend.

Well that was quite a non-helpful reply’ Blaise thought as soon as Draco finished voicing his opinion. Of all the people he could think of, Draco was the one he could confide to. Rubbing absentmindedly his front Blaise took a deep breath, nodded, and started to tell Draco what he should have told him a month ago. “Well, promise me you won’t do anything about what I’m going to tell you, no harming people mentioned and such.” Blaise clarified and after guaranteeing that Draco nodded he continued, “Some time ago I posted a comment saying that I didn’t know how to dance to Ballroom music, I think you remember it… Anyway, this person replied and after a twist of comment he agreed to help me. I know I shouldn’t have accepted!” Blaise exclaimed whining realizing what the mistake that lead him into this predicament was. “Are you listening?” he asked Draco feeling apprehensive about what the other Slytherin must be thinking of him.

“Of course I’m listening, I’m here aren’t I?” The words came out a little harsher then Draco had intended them to, but he was not going to apologize. “Go on, you obviously want to tell me something, so tell me already before I catch my death of cold here.”

He gestured for Blaise to keep talking, while filing away every piece of information for later use. ‘I can always look through his journal and find out who he’s talking about.’ he consoled himself.

Blaise flinched at Draco’s harsh tone but didn’t stop; he was expecting a bad reaction from his friends. “Well, he’s … he’s the Head boy and you know how many privileges he has being who he is… secret passageways, Room of Requirements… I couldn’t help myself; I wanted to take advantage and exploit the opportunity and tried to befriend him. The problem was that..” at this point the level of nervousness escalated so much that Blaise had to look at the nearby chandelier and focus on it. “He was so… caring, so trusting, so… I couldn’t help it… we kissed and from then on I couldn’t stop myself from getting somewhat attached to him.” As soon as he said it Blaise lowered his head to rest on his hands and held his breath waiting for the bomb to explode.

“Yes, of course.” Draco’s voice was low and detached as he thought about the new development. The Head Boy and Blaise, and it would seem as if Blaise was a little smitten with the other boy.

“And you are telling me this, why? After your rather convincing talk the other morning, I must say, you do keep yourself busy.” Draco kept his face neutral and his voice smooth, even if he did have an insane one in his head going: ‘Mine! Not fair’, “ And do you have any indication that your infatuation is returned? And the most important question, will you still follow this House, or have you changed your mind, Zabini?”

With a groan Blaise’s shoulder shook once but he managed to control himself. He didn’t want to collapse in front of the other boy. “Yes, my house is my only family.” He replied with conviction… “I just don’t want to … harm him.” He added in a softer voice. When asked if he knew what the other boy’s intentions were towards him Blaise looked at Draco his face pale, “He seems to care, but how can a person know?” The possibility that Jon wasn’t really interested in him made Blaise groan again. “But that’s not everything, what is keeping me from sleeping isn’t only Jon, but… you too. You can say I’ve been busy but, Draco, I really do care for you. Maybe differently from they way I care about him but after what happened during the truth or dare game… I’m such a mess! How can I feel this way for two persons?” Blaise knew he as whining and knowing Draco he fought with himself to stop from continuing doing it. “What am I going to do?” He finally whispered into the silent air.

Spurring in to motion from one moment to the next, Draco was on his feet and had Blaise on his with a firm grip by the neck of his robes.

“You had better be sure whether or not you can hurt him, Zabini. We’re not stopping the plan for anyone but the Dark Lord, and even he would have to fight me for it. I want to see those biased, mudblooded pieces of filth on the floor, begging for mercy!” His lips were inches away from the ones in front of him, their breaths mingling midair and he whispered, “If you’re not with me, you’re against me. You have 10 minutes to figure where you stand, or I make the decision for you.”

With just one slow swipe of his tongue along the lower edge of Blaise mouth, Draco took a step back, folded his arms over his chest and stared in to the fire, giving Blaise his promised 10 minutes to decide. Not that Blaise really had a choice, The Head Boy’s name was already on the mental list Draco had compiled and planned to hand over to his Father next time the two Malfoys met.

Not knowing what bludger hit him Blaise looked at Draco with disbelief. He was making him choose. Choosing between Jon and Draco was what was keeping him from sleeping and now… Time ticked and the more Blaise thought the more miserable he was becoming. “But… how can you ask that of me?” He finally said brokenly… “Draco, please! I can’t, if I could I wouldn’t have told you. I trusted you! Don’t do this to me!” the blue eyed wizard continued to plead, his eyebrows lowered with despair. “Gods Draco, can’t you close an eye this time?” He pleaded brokenly, feeling his heart loosing a beat ever few seconds. He waves his hands in the air showing helplessness and blinked back a tear of frustration. “Talk to me. Draco?”

“Talk to you? Are you really sure you want that, Zabini? 8 minutes left. Time’s ticking.”

Inside Draco was seething, while he still remained collected on the outside. “ I would never make an exception, and I would never uphold rules I did not intend to abide by myself. 7 minutes.”

Draco dared a look at Blaise, who was still looking more then a little lost and with a hand on Blaise’s jaw he forced the boy to look him in the eye, “This is your House, how can anyone be more important then that? But it’s your choice to make and yours alone. 6 minutes.”

Draco looked in to the flames again, unable to understand Blaise’ reluctance to just chose his House and forget about that boy. He himself could not imagine any person swaying him from the Slytherin House, but maybe Blaise was seeing things differently.

Draco’s fingers were hurting Blaise’s jaw so much that he whimpered. He pulled his head back and wailed “Haven’t you understood what I have told you? Please Draco think, don’t do this to me, please.” In this instant a tear went down Blaise’s cheek, he felt betrayed and hurt. Draco should be telling him it was all right, that it was understandable not forcing him into deciding. A thing he was far from doing. Trying another approach he wiped his face, closed the distance between himself and Draco and pulled him into a kiss. His hand traveled down to grab Draco’s crotch and when it did, he started to massage in the hope of loosing Draco’s thoughts and coax him into accepting Blaise’s dilemma as an unsolvable one.

“B-blaise?” Draco stammered, falling forward and further in to the waiting and willing hand. Oh, this was good and still new and the sensation of that warmth seeping through his clothing and warming up his skin caused shivers to run up his back and sparks to go off in his head.

“O-oh!” Almost as if his hands had a mind of their own, they slid up Blaise’ arms and wound around his neck. Standing face to face, eyes half-closed from the pleasure rippling through his groin, Draco closed his mouth over Blaise’, again; his tongue darting in and exploring it once again and tasting sugar and pumpkin juice and something spicier. ’I wonder if he does this with the Head Boy’, and that odd possessiveness came over him again and he pulled back a little, catching his breath and he whispered against Blaise’ lips, “4 minutes.”

Cursing internally Blaise looked at Draco’s lips and sighed. And he thought that he had his problem solved! He had to take a more direct approach, he thought to himself. Not wasting more time he fell on his knees and hurriedly fumbled with Draco’s zipper until it came loose. He breathed in Draco’s musky scent and dove his hand inside to wrap around Draco’s hardening flesh. “You want me to take away this?” He rasped, taking out Draco’s cock and giving it a caressing lick.

“Ugh! Oh.”

With hands on his hips, the hot exhale of breath tickling the coarse hairs and the tongue licking right there, Draco fell to his knees and with shaking hands and desperate little noises fisted his hands in Blaise’ hair and pulled his mouth on to his own; pressing their bodies together as much as he could.

“Too much clothes” he managed to choke out as he fumbled with his own and Blaise’ outer robes, fingers suddenly too clumsy and too shaky to do it right.

“ Youohpleaseneedtooh,” and the slippery clamps gave way and they were skin on sweaty skin and Draco had to map out every inch of flesh he could reach with his mouth. Licking down the side of Blaise’ neck, suckling at his throat and working his hands up Blaise’ back, nails digging in to the soft skin. The creaking of a door was like having an ice-bucket up-ended over his head. “Fuck! You did this on purpose!” he growled, closing his robe around him and scooting back. “Anyone could see us! Find us!”

“Damnation!” Blaise heartily said feeling all hot and bothered. “I didn’t do it on purpose! Let’s go somewhere more private. I need you so much.” He replied to Draco accusations, making sure he breathed into the blond’s ear. “C’mon” he urged the blond taking his arm and dragging him to the dormitory. When they arrived next to Blaise’s bed, the blue eyed wizard pushed Draco none too gently on his four poster bed, climbed in, closed the curtains and place a silencing and locking charm. “Now no one can see us…” He said seductively just before latching his lips to Draco’s and rubbing his groin with the other boy’s.

Not at all comfortable with the fact that three other boys are sleeping right on the other side of the curtains, Draco moved back a little, just enough to disentangle himself from Blaise. Crabbe and Goyle might be dumber then a sack of rocks, but Nott was by no means that easily fooled.

“Are you sure they cannot hear us?” He whispered, even as his stomach lurched in anticipation and his hands wanted nothing more then to explore every inch of boy-skin they could come in contact with.

“Blaise? Are.You.Absolutely.Sure?”

Blaise looked up at Draco and raised an eyebrow, “Are you suggesting that my charms abilities aren’t good? You know it’s my favorite subject…but if you’re having doubts you can still re-cast the spells.” Not wasting anytime Blaise started to get undressed while waiting for Draco to decide if he trusted his spell casting abilities or not. As soon as he managed to get rid of his shirt the started to unbutton his trousers and in a blink of an eye he raised himself to get rid of them, making the bed dip suddenly to one side as he literally climbed on his feet on the bed.

With all that tanned skin exposed in front of him, even if Blaise was standing up and in danger of toppling over any minute, Draco couldn’t muster up the willpower to debate about silly little things like charms.

“You really shouldn’t make me think about Professor Flitwick at a time like this,” he joked, reaching out to run one callused hand up Blaise’ calf.

“But I do worry, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t,” Draco let his tongue follow the path of his hand, licking and tasting his way up one tense leg-muscle and he was working his way up when doubts hit him once again. He should not be doing this, not with Blaise, not with a boy. He quickly removed his lips and hands from the boy, scooted up the bed till his back was against the headboard.

“We, errhhh, we shouldn’t be doing this, Blaise.” But his eyes kept wanting to dart down and look at the erection tenting the other boy’s boxers, dimly remembering the weight and taste of it in his mouth. “And since when have you become so sure of yourself?” Draco was fairly sure Blaise hadn’t always been this willing to drop his clothes and snog him silly.

Fighting to keep his balance, Blaise managed to get his trousers off (not that Draco gave him much help) but as soon as he did so Draco seemed to shy away. “What?” he started to say but he was interrupted by the other Slytherin telling him that they shouldn’t continue that it wasn’t right and worst of all he asked him if he why he seemed so eager. After lowering himself back on the mattress Blaise suddenly resisted the urge to cover himself and bit his lip. He raised his hand to Draco’s cheek and ran his fingers from his face down to his neck. “Why is that wrong?” He rasped, “Why shouldn’t we? It’s not that something have changed in me, that made me so eager… it’s your influence. That … this..” he continued lowering his eyes to his still bulging crotch, “is what you do to me. If you find that wrong then… I-I’ll just stop and …and forget it.” At this point Blaise knew he wouldn’t survive a refusal, he’d die with shame but he kept his face composed and determined, trying to fool the other Slytherin.

Draco leaned in to the warm hand, closing his eyes for a second as the praise from the other one washed over him,

“Well well, flattery will get you everywhere.” He chuckled, and looked back up, eyes still dilated almost black with want, his body thrumming desperately. If Blaise could do it, so could he, and Draco struggled out of his nightwear and robe, throwing it over the side of the bed and he settled back down on the bed in his boxers. Draco scowled himself for being so nervous, when Blaise obviously wasn’t, and he was a Malfoy, they could by definition do nothing wrong, as long as they kept it private. Private? Yes, Blaise had shown remarkably poor skill in keeping anything private, Maybe that was why his heart was about to leap out of his mouth and his hands shook.

“And will you be able to not tell the whole House about this? I’m not sure I should indulge you in this, seeing how you almost made everyone in Slytherin aware of what happened between us earlier.” But Draco was already closing the short distance between them to capture Blaise’ lips and proceeded kissing him viciously until the other Slytherin fell over on his back; Draco firmly pressed on top of him.

If Blaise expected to receive anther shower of insults from the other Slytherin he redeemed his thoughts when he was literally pounced on and attacked by eager lips. He returned the kiss fervently as if his life depended on it. His tongue fought for dominance for some seconds but finally he resigned, feeling trapped under the grey eyed wizard and started to suckle on the other boy’s tongue greedily. The happiness he felt in that moment made him laugh playfully, his eyes shining with mischief. “Draco…” He moaned as soon as he was given some time to regain his breath. When he saw the other boy looking at him he realized he was still waiting for his answer. “I won’t do that scene again… ” He breathed, already missing the blond’s lips on his own. “Now kiss me or I’ll die with anticipation.” Not missing a beat he arched upwards and pressed his crotch with Draco’s, they fitted perfectly since their stature was very similar. His eyes kept gazing at the other boy’s flushed face and he couldn’t help but notice how cherubic Draco was. “Am I getting my kiss?” He teased ultimately fighting with his body to stop moving on its own.

“A bit demanding, aren’t you?” Draco whispered between nips and kisses, and kissed his way down the boy’s neck, paying extra attention to the places where Blaise’ breath hitched or where the body under his gave a shudder or broke out in goose bumps. There was power in this, and after giving up trying to get his own body to anything he told it to, it was nice to wield this over someone else’s.

Draco sucked one already perked nipple in to his mouth and worried it with his teeth, only to lavish it with soft strokes of his tongue after. Yes, power and need and oh so much desire, making the air in the small confines of the school-bed heavy and hot.

“Is this what you are willing to betray your House for, Blaise?” Draco’s words were almost smothered by the strip of flesh he was currently licking. His hands were holding the grinding motions of Blaise’ at bay, clutching the boy’s hips and pushing them in to the soft madras and he moved lower, mouth sliding over the skin just above the waistband of the boxers, nuzzling the trail of hair there.

“For some kisses and gropes with a boy?” and he ignored the little voice in his head that wanted to know why the bloody hell he even thought about something like that at a time like this, because he couldn’t get the image of someone else’s hands on Blaise, someone else’s tongue on this very same patch of skin out of his mind. Mine.

With Draco’s mouth on his feverish skin, Blaise trashed and arched up into Draco’s mouth. Sweat broke from his skin as the temperature of the room seemed to be escalating with an alarming rate. “Ahh gods Draco… Draco… Draco… “ he started to chant as if performing a ritual. He was almost loosing himself when Draco’s words snatched his delirium and hastily stuffed it back. ‘Betray my house?’ he thought closing his eyes. But he wasn’t betraying his house... was he? It seemed easy to give in to Draco and forget about Jon right now but as soon as that thought crossed his mind a feeling of dread filled his stomach and freezed his heart. ‘Kisses and gropes’ … ‘Kisses and gropes’ … ‘Kisses and gropes’ his mind continued to parrot after what Draco told him. In that instant Blaise wanted to push Draco off him and slap him silly until he stopped making wrong judgments against him. His best friend was hurting him and most probably he wasn’t even realizing. He tried to say something, to pull away, but his body was way too lost to do anything but trash and arch up towards the seeker. The only signal that revealed Blaise’s predicament was a secret tear that was currently making its way to hide behind his neck. “Mmm…” was he all said to the accusations, he couldn’t fight anymore, the only thing he wanted was to reach ecstasy. A sob made its way towards his throat but he knew better then to show more weakness, he moved his hands in the blond strands below him and pulled Draco’s head upwards when their lips were aligned he closed the little distance remaining and closed his eyes feeling Draco’s hot breath against his cheek. While in his mind he cried for the stupid feelings he was harboring for two totally different wizards.

Draco bent a little closer and breathed in Blaise’ ear, “You never did answer my question, Blaise. I would advise you to do so, it would speed things up.”

He pressed down, aligned erections ground together and Draco couldn’t muffle the groan that rose from his throat.

“I want you,” he said, with another grinding movement. “I need you,” and he grabbed hold of both of Blaise’ wrists, pinning them to the bed beside his head. “I fear I might scream and take you if you don’t answer me soon”. Draco breathing was laboured, coming out in quick shallow gasps and all of his skin felt as if someone had set it on fire when he wasn’t looking.

What would he do if Blaise decided that yes, he would in fact rather do this with someone else, if the boy were to chose a person over his House? A growl came with that thought, Blaise could not do that, he was, after all, a Slytherin. And all of this might be Blaise’ way to ensure that Draco would stay on his side while the boy pursued his interests elsewhere. That thought enraged him, gilled him with cold fury and he pressed himself painfully close, gripping the wrists even harder, “Time is still ticking for you, don’t forget.”

“Argh Draco! You’re hurting me!” Blaise tried in vain to free himself from Draco’s clutches but he couldn’t. It was a dangerous game he was playing and he knew that this was his last chance to get the dice to roll and get double. “Then take me.” He replied looking directly at Draco. He knew he would never decide between Jon and Draco it was too painful to do so. “I need you too…s’much….but don’t make me choose… please. Monogamy isn’t something you can flaunt about either. Please Draco…please.” He begged for the last time. If Draco persisted he’d probably run away or lie, but choosing was a non existent option.

“Good, I meant to.”

His voice was hoarse, and he applied more pressure to the body underneath his. “And who ever said I was talking about monogamy?” Even the word felt foreign in his mouth, “I am talking about your House! Not about how many you chose to take to your bed, please do try and pay attention, Blaise.” But the oh so easy way the boy surrendered himself to Draco and the willing way he parted his legs for him, was intoxicating.

He slithered down the prone from, licking and kissing all the way down to the boxers, hooking his thumbs in to them and pulling them down to bunch around Blaise’ ankles.

“I’m going to taste you now.”

His tongue darted out and licked the leaking head bobbing in front of his face, sliding in to the slit and gathered up the pre-come before returning to his own mouth. “But you have to answer me first; House or the Head Boy?”

Not finding anything to say Blaise whines slightly and turned his head. “Draco, I asked for understanding, for your opinion… I confided in you! How can you do something like that to me? I’m even submitting to you, doesn’t that show you anything? Because if it doesn’t… then I’m going to stop.” He tried to look resolute although his cock was weeping for more of that mind blowing attention. His traitorous hips arched towards Draco’s flushed body and Blaise whimpered at the loss of his own control.

Draco sucked the head in to his mouth, twirling his tongue around the engorged flesh as his hands caressed the muscles of Blaise stomach. He created more suction, swallowing the length down as far as he could without gagging on it and moved his head op and down, savouring the taste and feel of it.

“Yes you did, and I’ve given you the benefit of a doubt as to why you did tell me.” He rested his head on Blaise’ thigh, placing his lips around the tempting cock in between every few words. “Had it been anyone else, I never would have asked twice. But I need to know I can trust you with everything you know, and you know a lot, Blaise. This is not about bedmates nor is it about pleasure. It s about being on the right side of things.”

Shuddering Blaise fought with the urge to bring his sweet torment to an end and jerk off himself but Draco’s mouth... so close to his cock… “Drac…” He stopped since he was more moaning then talking and cleared his voice. “Draco, trust me on this… I will be part of the plan. My heart is still the same and my mind is fixed to make the mission a success. I really do believe in our mission and I won’t fail you. All I said was that I don’t want to see Jon harmed… and he’s a pureblood. I checked that before accepting to let him teach me… I’m not that daft.” As soon as he spoke those words he looked at Draco’s lips and groaned. “Now…please….let’s finish what we’ve started because I’m going to faint soon…I can feel it. I can’t stand this any longer.” He pushed himself upwards, forcing Draco to retreat a little and forced Draco’s boxers down. “Are we clear now?”

Thinking about the list he would compile for his father, Draco nodded his head against Blaise’ chest and let out a small: “Mmmm, yeah” before resuming giving Blaise’ nipples a trough tongue-bathing.

“Finish what, Blaise? You’re not really doing that much, are you? Just leaving all the work for me” he teased, voice shaking. He reached down and tucked his boxers off, throwing them away as well, and leaned back on the bed in all his naked glory.

“So, what should we do tonight? Practice what we know?” He was breathless already, sentences coming out in small gasps as he looked over Blaise’ equally naked and equally glorious body. Draco licked his lips in anticipation.

Feeling ashamed at Draco’s words Blaise felt his face burn. “Uhm… yeah… but, I couldn’t stop you…could I?” Blaise mumbled under his breath, “but I can make up for that.” Fighting to gain dominance, the blue-eyed wizard flipped Draco around and started to administer the same attention that was lavished on him few minutes ago. He loved the way Draco’s nipples replied to his ministrations, the way he bit his lower lip when he bit slightly down or the way he gasped as soon as his abused bud was licked with forceful swipes. After what seemed like days he stopped tormenting Draco’s buds and moved hungry down straight to the throbbing flesh nested in the blond curly hairs. He looked at Draco and teased the head of his cock with his tongue while watching the blond with a feral look. It didn’t take him long to engulf Draco’s shaft, wanting to feel it throbbing in his mouth. He suckled on it making slurping noises and didn’t fight Draco’s hips as they thrusted his cock deeper into his mouth.

“Oh Gods, Oh please don’t,” Draco managed to pant out in between his frantic struggles to get his breath back. “I can’t Oh stop!”

He tore himself away, not wanting this to end so soon and he pulled Blaise up to catch his mouth with his, hot wet kisses and eager hands roaming over Blaise’ sweat-slick skin.

“Maybe we could..” The blond gestured a little lost in the air, and flipped them over, hissing with pleasure as his erection touched Blaise”. “I’ve heard… that we could, you know…” He made small rocking motions with his hips, causing his cock to slide behind the heavy sack to nudge at Blaise’ entrance suggestively. His face was red and felt very hot, whether it was from the act or the suggestion was hard to tell. A drop of sweat slid down his cheek and fell to Blaise’ chest, Draco didn’t think twice when he bend down to lick it off, and once again flares of something intangible lit his nerves on fire and made his stomach knot together.

Being pinned down again Blaise didn’t complain as Draco rocked his hips against him, making their erections rub causing that sweet sweet friction between them. His eyes widened slightly at Draco’s suggestion. He knew what the other boy is referring to, last month he stumbled with a gay magazine that had really suggestive picture with various wizards putting their cocks in there. They were really arousing pictures and the thought of Draco doing that to him made him shiver with fear and expectation. “I- I dunno, I’ve never done anything more then this.” Admitted the blue eyed Slytherin. “It sounds painful but… maybe we could try…” he finally rasped out feeling Draco’s erection still nudging his entrance. “But the problem is…how can it fit?” he breathed after few silent seconds. His heart was going to tear away from his body any time now but he held his gaze with Draco’s and realized that what they’ve done till now wasn’t really sex, what Draco was suggesting was.

“I-i really don’t know… maybe if I push hard enough?”

But it didn’t seem to be working all that well, because even with this little pressure to the puckered entrance, it hurt him. Pushing harder would probably hurt even more. ‘Think, Draco, think’, and he did try! how could it be different from doing this with a girl?.

Draco had learnt the how and where from his father earlier in his 5th year, but a quick look down confirmed that Blaise did not have a vagina. “Fuck!... any ideas on how to get it in there?” because Draco didn’t, and he could feel himself growing more and more embarrassed by the fact he wanted something he had no idea how to accomplice. All he knew was that he wanted to be inside, wanted tight heat and friction and he wanted to claim, ravish and mark the boy in bed with him.

Wincing at Draco’s futile attempts to penetrate him Blaise thought what they could do… How come in the picture he’d seen no one looked in pain? Maybe they had a lot of practice… or.. “Maybe we can try to use some kind of lubrication… Or maybe a stretching charm? I dunno Draco and I’m so afraid… don’t hurt me please.” He pleaded to the other Slytherin feeling his insides churn with nervousness. Perhaps that’s why Jon told him that he didn’t want to hurt him last time they were having a groping session… perhaps he wanted to fuck him literally… “Or we can wait and I can find out … make some research.”

“Stretching charm? “ Draco had definitely not been paying enough attention in charms if they had learned such a spell. But lubrication did sound as if it might ease the way somewhat.

“You’re brilliant!” he said, kissing Blaise deeply and he slipped out of the bed, Tipp toeing over the floor to his bedside table, Draco rummaged through the drawer and made a small “ha!” when he found what he was looking for. He sneaked back in to the bed, clutching a small jar of broom polish.

“Think this could work?” he was getting more and more nervous, and the pained expression on Blaise’ face didn’t help matters much. The heated almost desperate desire was disintegrating somewhat in the light of reality, but Draco refused to give up now. “I’ll be careful, I promise” the Slytherin wrapped his hand around both of their arousals as they lay side by side on the soft bed, and rocked his hips back and forth, getting the heat and need back. With his free hand Draco scooped up some of the polish and coated both of them, still rocking and holding them together tightly.

“Oh! Fuck!”

The slippery slide of the lubricant made it even better to be rubbing against something and it didn’t burn or sting (Draco had been a little worried about that), “Are you alright so far?” Draco drew himself up on his elbows and eased himself down on top of Blaise, erections still sliding against each other.

As soon as Blaise saw the broom polish he was about to bolt out of the bed and go cower in a corner. “I- i… “ he started saying feeling all the courage disappear. He was going to put broom polish in him! As much as he wanted to escape he still felt a bit guilty about the fact that he was falling for a student which wasn’t a Slytherin and that fact made him stay still on the bed wondering what will happen to him. When Draco started to apply the slippery substance to their erections he moaned in appreciation and his passion rose in tides again. “Oooh! That feels s’good!” He breathed to Draco… “More…I want more please Draco…” he started to trash feeling the peak of his ardor approaching rapidly.

“Just… I need more room... please,” he breathed, spreading Blaise’ thighs further apart and aligned his cock with the tight hole. Draco looked Blaise straight in the eyes, noting all the signs of arousal, making sure the boy wanted this; the rapid breathing, the dilated pupils and the way Blaise kept making small keening sounds in the back of his throat.

“ I’m going to…” but he didn’t want to wait anymore, and with trembling hands on Blaise’ hips to steadying him, Draco push past the tight ring of muscles.

“OH FUCKBLAISE!’ He didn’t mean to yell, but the heathottightfire he was in almost made him come on the spot, when the muscle clenched. “OH! Don’t do that! Don’t move!” he panted, resting his sweaty forehead against Blaise’, kissing him with little pecks and nibbles.

“Are you alright?”

When Blaise spread his legs he wasn’t expecting Draco to be so hasty to penetrate him. He closed his eyes stifling the cry that wanted to tear out of his throat. “HOLY FUCKEN MERLIN! THAT HURT!’ he screamed in his head while he tasted blood as he bit his inner lips to hold it back. He couldn’t bring himself to open his eyes, Draco felt so huge inside him and the pain! It was killing him! When Draco pushed himself further inside he couldn’t hold back anymore and when he opened his mouth a pained cry escape immediately. “Oh Gods! Draco! That hurts so much! Sooo much!” He ended moaning his eyes drenched with tears. A sob escaped him and soon he found himself crying like a toddler. “It burns … burns burns! Please stop Draco… Please stop! I can’t stand it! I can’t… hurts too much…too much!” He wailed forgetting all his dignity. He’d rather suffer the effect of the crucio hex from his father right now then being subjected to so much pain. Anything sounded better then this.

Draco closed his mouth over Blaise’ swallowing his cries of pain and distress, and held completely still for a minute as he tried to sooth his housemate with kisses and soothed his hands up and down Blaise’ sides. “Shhhh… relax, it’s alright… shhhhh, it’s ok. I’m not moving, shhhh…” he was whispering, licking away the tears streaming down the boy’s cheeks, but he didn’t pull out.

“Shhhhhh… it’s alright… it’ll get better soon, I’m sure.. just a little more…shhhh,” and Draco pushed in, buried inside Blaise to the hilt, still kissing Blaise to shush the screams and cries. This was better then anything Draco had ever done, this was Christmas and his birthday coming on the same day and then some.

“Please, just let me, please..oh..pleasepleaseplease”

Draco was babbling, mumbling in to the wet crook of Blaise neck, “I’m going to move now… just a little” and Draco pulled out just a little and pushed back in, mind reeling with the pure pleasure of it.

Blaise was still moaning in pain, he wanted to push the blond away and go and cry in a corner. He kept moaning and groaning against Draco’s mouth until his breath started to hitch from the strain. He opened his eyes and looked at Draco’s rapt-in-pleasure expression, he wondered why he accepted to do this and remembered what happened earlier, and so he tried to be brave and lessen his cries. The pain didn’t subside but at least it didn’t get worse either. “Oohhh Draco….gods….” He moaned as soon as Draco started to really fuck him eagerly. He felt the blond’s throbbing flesh move inside him and albeit he was still crying the burning sensation lessened as it was replaced by a warm almost hot feeling inside. At least the improvised lubrication seems to be working. Growing bolder he started to push slightly back giving Draco the opportunity to dive deeper into him. As soon as he did so Draco plunged and hit something inside him that made him see stars, “Ohhh Fuck! Do that again! C’mon do it again!” The black haired Slytherin exclaimed with his still pained voice.

It was rather difficult for Draco to keep sliding in and out of the warm flesh beneath him with Blaise’ choked sobs still ringing in his ears. But when Blaise pushed back against him, when the boy actually did something actively, Draco’s nerves flared and a heartfelt moan left him as his body hummed with pleasure.

“Huh? What?” But he had a idea what Blaise was referring to and drew back, only to push back in, aiming for the same angle as before. He knew he’d found the right one when Blaise’ mouth fell open and his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Like this?” He asked, picking up speed but remained stroking that same spot deep inside Blaise.

When Draco obliged Blaise and started to hit that spot inside him, Blaise felt his arousal stir back as his blood pooled in his nether regions. He moaned aloud and started to murmur things like, “Oh yess! …more more…. Ohhhh Merlin…yesss! More …c’mon …. Ahhh…” he couldn’t stop himself, lost in the magnificent sensations he kept voicing his pleasure and just a look at Draco’s scrunched face he knew he wasn’t the only one having a good time. Taking his cock in his hand he started to stroke it slowly but soon he found his hand moving rapidly bringing himself into orgasm. As he came with a muffled cry he drew Draco’s lips to his and clenched his arse cheeks wanting the other boy to come with him.

Every breathy command Blaise uttered Draco actually tried to comply, fucking him fasterhardermoreohgodsMORE until Blaise clenched tight as an ironband around him and wet, hot liquid spilled somewhere between them.

“Oh god!” was all Draco could get over his lips as his body convulsed, his vision went white and little stars erupted in his head. He spilled himself inside Blaise and collapsed on top of the equally ravished looking boy.

“Hmmm…” he smiled in to Blaise’ neck, as his arms curled around the boy, “That was … nice.” And he rolled off to one side, still holding on and cradling Blaise close as his eyes started to feel very, very heavy. “Mmmm…”

Blaise didn’t wait long to feel Draco spill his seed inside him, something that strangely enough disturbed slightly the blue eyed wizard. The blond nuzzled his neck and started to drift off to sleep. “Uhm... Draco…” Blaise tried to rouse the blond nudging him slightly. “Draco…” he insisted with a more urgent tone as he felt Draco’s come dribbling out of his body. “D’you think that… I – I mean… your come… inside…” As soon as he uttered those words he blushed a dark crimson color and felt foolish but he started to worry. Was it hygienic? He started to fidget with his hands and looked at the grinning wizard next to him. He felt the grin somewhat infectious and soon he found himself grinning back.

Draco was almost asleep when Blaise’ somewhat nervous tone of voice brought him back and he opened his eyes to look at the blushing no-longer-virgin,

“Yes? Inside?” he almost laughed out loud, the sight of the pearly white semen leaking out of Blaise and on to the covers,

“It”s running out now, if that’s what you’re worried about. And mate,” Draco put a hand on Blaise’ shoulder in mock-consolation, “Wizards cannot get pregnant if that’s what’s got you bothered.”

He couldn’t help himself, the mere thought of Blaise maybe being worried about anything of the sort had him laughing so hard tears sprung to his eyes and he rocked back and forth, hands clutched around his stomach.

When Draco burst out laughing Blaise huffed and feigned an affronted expression, “Hey don’t laugh! It’s not funny!” but as soon as he said that he started to laugh too, an image of himself pregnant flashed into his mind and that was all it took to send him into a laughing fit. It felt so good laughing with Draco. If only he accepted the fact that he was having an affair with the Hufflepuff his conscience would have felt a bit better.
After a cleaning spell he turned to face Draco, running a finger over his cherubic face and whispered, “Are you going to spend the night here?”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on slipping back to my own bed after this, the least you can do is let me sleep here. Besides, I’m too tired to move.” Draco tried to prove his point by lifting his arms and letting them flop back down hard. “See? Boneless, can’t move…,” but his voice was drowning out and his sleepiness was returning. “Sleep with me?” he managed a small smile, pulling Blaise down to sleep next to him and curled around the boy. ‘Who knew?’ He thought to himself, ‘I like cuddling.’ and he gave a happy sigh against the nape of Blaise neck.

Blaise wrapped his arms around Draco and placed his head on top of the blond’s shoulder. He spent sometime listening to the boy’s deep breaths and closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep. He didn’t have much sleep as he kept drifting on and off into the land of dreams as thoughts of Jon seemed to fill his mind. What have he done? Why did he tell Draco? Sighing he brazed himself for another dreadful night.
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