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Same rpg as the others.

Hogsmeade trip
Characters: Draco and Harry. (Harry is played by Lita; my favourite Harry on the entire internet! She plays him brilliantly and should play him more /hint)
Rated: PG13
AN – During a round of truth-or-dare in the dungeons one night, Daphne wrote a little note on Draco’s behind. Waking up, none of the students could remember what had happened the night before and Draco was frankly horrified at the writing on his bum. In an effort to set his mind at rest, he decides to corner Potter and demand the truth about the writing on his arse.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ron had had a run-in with a defective Pensive and lost about two weeks worth of memories.

Harry had been on his way to the Three Broomsticks when a sign further down the road caught his eye. ' way!' he thought to himself. He quickened his pace, making his way past the windows of the tavern.

Just as Draco picked up one of the butterbeers, he spotted the tell-tell sight of The Boy Wonder walking past the window, heading away from The Three Broomsticks.

"I..errhhh, I forgot, I have to go pick something up."

Draco got up so fast the chair got knocked over, and raced out of the inn with a quick, "Don't leave without me, I'll be back," and hurried down the busy street to catch up with the Gryffindor.


Harry froze at the sound of his own name coming from a very familiar voice, practically unforgettable voice really. He turned slowly, squinting at the other boy, "Malfoy. What do you want?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly.

Unnerved and more then a little uncomfortable, Draco shifted his weight from one foot to the other, "Potter, I..." Draco cleared his throat and cursed his distinct lack of courage,

"Do you have any recollection of signing your name on something you shouldn't have?"

He found this came out friendlier then intended and added a "Potty" for good measure.

Harry stared at the Slytherin as if he'd gone mad.

"Have you gone mad? Why would I sign anything...hang on, why would you be asking me about it anyway? What's it got to do with you?" he asked, still staring hard at the other boy.

Frowning harder then ever, Draco hissed, "Just tell me, did you write your name on anything... odd, lately?"

A faint flush spread across his cheekbones, no matter how hard he tried to will it away. "And no, my mental health has never been better, Potter. Thank you for your concern."

"Malfoy, unless you're being delusional on purpose, I have not, nor ever will, sign anything...odd."

He then noticed the other boy's rather red face. "What're you all worked up about then?"

" You prat!" Draco pinched the bridge of his nose and looked back up at the annoying Seeker.

"Did you, or did you not…sign your name on my…" a small strangled whimper made it's way out of Draco's mouth from the sheer embarrassment, "...on my... lower back side."

Harry gawked at the blonde.

"Lower...backside? Are you talking about your arse? My name...on your arse?!"

Harry howled with laughter. "Malfoy you must be insane! Why would I ever want my name on any part of your...person?!"

"I don't know! If I knew I wouldn't be here, talking to you, now would I, Potter?"

Draco took a deep breath and sweet relief washed over him, "So, you're positive you couldn't have ... signed your name? Of course, you couldn't have, you would have remembered."

Draco was more then pleased about how this day was turning out. "Good, that was all, Potter. Run along."

Harry, still laughing, tried to get his words out as best he could, " backside...two weeks...memory gone!...doesn't say poof does it?!?!" he breathed out before erupting into another laughter attack. He turned to walk away, his guffaws getting louder as he thought on it.

"M-memory charm?! Potter, wait!"

Draco grabbed the boy hard and turned him around forcefully, "Now, when you say 'memory-charm', you were just joking, right?"

It was getting harder and harder to breathe and Draco thought that maybe suffering from a full-blown panic-attack was just the thing at the moment.

"You're kidding?!?"

Ron had emerged from the joke shop to se what all the noise on the street was about. He saw a group of ravenclaws and Slytherins a few shops over, one of the Slytherins was on the ground clucking and CHo Chang looked mad as a hornet, her wand drawn at her side while yet another Ravenclaw was picking leaves and twigs off his robes. 'Wonder what happened there.'

His attention was drawn further down the road by a familiar laugh and he grinned, having spotted Harry at last. He quickly made h is way over to his friend, intent on dragging him back to the joke shop. He noticed who was standing with him and quickened his pace, coming up on the two just in time to hear the tail end of their conversation.

"Malfoy's arse? What about Malfoy's arse? Harry, what's going on?"

Harry wrenched himself out of Draco's grasp and grinned up at his friend, the laughter still erupting from his mouth. He pointed at the Slytherin,

" name...arse!" he managed to wheeze out before starting into his laughing fit again. Any bystander might've thought he'd been hit with a tickling charm the way he was laughing.

"It's not FUNNY, POTTER! I HAVE TO WALK AROUND WITH IT, YOU IDIOTIC TWIT! AND IF IT'S YOUR FAULT, SO HELP ME MERLIN I WILL KILL YOU!" Draco yelled, towering over Harry, completely ignoring the other Gryffindor at the scene.

Ron stared wide eyed at Harry. "Your name on Draco's arse?" Ron screwed up his face. "That's disgusting..."

His grimace quickly turned into a glare, however, as Draco began yelling at Harry in earnest. Ron stepped up when Draco actually threatened him.

"What did you say, Malfoy?"

Ron put his hand on Draco's shoulder, squeezing painfully tight and pushing him away from Harry.

"You've only just got your prefect badge back... you'd better watch that mouth of yours. I'm pretty sure threatening another student's life is worth quite a bit more than a simple detention."

Harry managed to lighten his laughter. He reached up a hand to Ron's arm and pulled him away from the other boy. "Ron," he said with a grin, "He's not worth it. And if he' my name on his...arse...then I'm sure he's punished enough." He turned to the Slytherin, his expression now serious, "And yes Malfoy, I was serious about that memory charm. My memories of a chunk of two weeks are gone. So you'll just have to deal with it won't you?" he asked, crossing his arms across his chest once more.

"Deal? Deal! I WILL NOT DEAL! AND YOU.." he turned to the redhead hovering around Harry, "What are you doing here anyways, Weasel? Not like your sort have money to spend, is it?" Draco pulled his wand out and waved it threateningly in Harry's direction, "If you did write it, you're dead, Potter. Remember that."

Still not at all convinced that Potter did not write his name and that outrageous claim on his arse, Draco turned to go back to his fellow Slytherins in the Three Broomsticks.

Ron raised an eyebrow at Draco. "I came down with the rest of the school, Malfoy. Or are you so stupid that you can't even remember things that happened just a few hours ago? And 'my sort'? Just exactly what would 'my sort' be?"

By this time Harry had pulled out his own wand and pointed it directly between Draco's eyes. "Malfoy, the next time you threaten me or my friends, remember that I'm not afraid to duel you. Your threats are nothing but that, threats. Words. Like the ones on your arse. So why don't you go back to your House Mates and leave "our sort" alone now won't you?" He glared at the other boy through his glasses, his stare not wavering.

He smirked," You want to get your arse kicked again, do you Potter? Surely what ever is wrong with your head, didn't remove the defeat you suffered last time you were foolish enough challenge me." His wand trained on Harry's chest unwavering. "And Weasel, you must know just what 'your sort' is, or are you even dumber then you look?"

Ron shook his head and clicked his tongue. "You heard Harry, shoo. Go on, beat it, you spoiled little brat. Go play big bad Mr. Malfoy with your own house, cause we're done wasting our time with you. Go on, little princess, get out of here."

His wand still pointed at the space between Draco's eyes, the space which he always presumed to be empty, Harry spoke again, "Malfoy, give it a rest. Your bum probably needs one too from all the attention you're getting it. And really, I doubt it's even there because that's a rather pitiful excuse for trying to threaten me. So just run along, all right?" Harry rolled his eyes, about to give up.

"I did not use my arse as an excuse, and do shut up, Weasel. No one wants to know what goes on in that empty little head of yours, and do leave me out of your sordid little fantasies."

Ron would have laughed at the absurdity of Draco's comment but he wasn't suite sure if the boy was kidding or not. 'That's disgusting.'

"Come on, Harry. Let's just go. He's obviously cracked... thinking anyone would be having fantasies about him. Nightmares more like." He tugged on Harry's sleeve, pointing him in the direction of the new WWW shop. "Fred and George are here. New shop, come see it."

Harry nodded, and idea brewing in his head. He smiled at the mention of the shop though, "Right, I was on my way over there when, Malfoy, stopped me," he said, turning to make his way to the newest addition to Hogsmeade.

"That's more like it, Potter. Run along, and don't forget to drag Weasel here with you. Wouldn't want anyone seeing I was talking to you."

He turned and made his way past the two Gryffindors, towards the waiting butterbeer and Slytherins.

Ron raised an eyebrow at Harry as he walked with him toward the twins' shop. "Doesn't want anyone to see he was talking to us? You two were kicking up enough racket to wake the dead. I reckon the whole bloody town saw the two of you. He's mental, really."

Harry nodded, an evil grin crossing his face. Once they'd entered the shop, he motioned to Ron to follow him to an obscure corner, "I'm going to see what Malfoy was talking about," he told his friend, "I'll be right back!"

With that he'd pulled his invisibility cloak from his pocket and wrapped it around his shoulders, making sure that no one had seen him first. He made his way out the front door then quickly ran off the way Draco Malfoy had gone, being careful not to make much noise as he whispered "Diffindo!" and waved his wand at Draco's belt. As the blonde's belt cut in two, Harry reached out and yanked the other boy's pants down, revealing the most fantastic, and at the same time the most grotesque, thing he'd ever seen. There across Draco's bum it read "Potter was here". Harry tried not to laugh as he rushed back towards Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

Walking back to the Three Broomsticks and feeling only a little unnerved that Potter didn’t know any more then he did about the mysterious writing, Draco tried to think ahead and pondered what to talk to his father about, when suddenly his previous tight pants felt loose. ‘What the…’, but his thoughts were shattered when his trousers were pulled down and the cool October air hit his bare skin.


Draco struggled to pull up his pants and cover himself up at the same time, which caused the former proud Malfoy heir to fall flat on his now scarcely clad arse. The blond howled with anger and indignation and the thought that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to be so loud about this, seeing how everyone who had not noticed him, would be sure to if he kept making a racket.

“Damn it!”

After a few tries he managed to pull his pants back up, eyeing the sliced belt, this was no accident! Holding his trousers up with one hand, he marched back in to the inn and promptly down the nearest butterbeer to calm his fraying nerves.
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