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Slytherin Boys Dorm, part I
Characters: Blaise (played by Sarah; I miss her) and Draco
Rated: NC17
AN – Same game as the rest. Draco and Blaise need to get revenge on Millicent; they plan to do this by pouring a hair-remover potion in to her shampoo. Warning; very fluffy! Very, very, fluffy. Re-reading it, it almost made my teeth ache, but in a good way.

Blaise kicked open the dorm room door, pleased to find Draco alone in the room. His arms were full of potion supplies, slipping away from him in a scattered trail as he made his way across the room to his bed. "Are you busy?" he asked Draco, while pulling out his wand to lock the door. "I got all the ingredients to make that potion, and the recipe, too. Can you help?" Blaise asked, looking up from the mess of items he had tossed on the bed.

Draco looked up from the novel he was currently trying to read his way through, "Hmmm?"

He took in the mass of vials, pewter cups and cauldrons, "Here? Are you mad? There's no ventilation, no water and what is it fails? Where do you dump it? Give here."

With effective arm-movements, Draco snatched up the things Blaise had been in danger of loosing and filled his pockets the best he could.

"Come with me."

A flick of the wand and a lot of walking later, they were standing at the door to the abandoned potion lab. Draco kicked open the door, not wanting to drop any of the items in his hands. "Much better..."

"See, and this is why I'm barely passing potions." Blaise caught the door before it could rebound and hit Draco, closing it softly. "Should I lock it?" he asked, wand out and ready.

"Yeah, you'd better. Wouldn't want Filch to find us in here." Draco began unloading his armful and what ever he had stuffed in to his pockets on to the center-table.

"Now, let's see... what do we need?" He flicked his wand and the fire light up with a small whoosh, crackling merrily as he put the cauldron, half filled with water, over it.

Blaise locked the door with a quick swish, and went to stand over by Draco. He helped to separate the different items, and pulled out the recipe from his pocket. "Here Draco, I think we need to get the water to boil first, and then add finely chopped shrivelfig. Want me to start doing that?"

"Hmmmm? Yes, you do that." with the list firmly pinned to the table, Draco began rummaging through the things and after a few minutes he held up a glass-container filled with dried leaves. "We need about a cup of these, powered."

With effort, Draco worked on the leaves; arm straining and fingers clenched around the handle of the pestle. "Are you ready with that?"

"Yeah," Blaise pushed the cutting board over to Draco. "Trade? I'll finish the leaves." He took the pestle away from Draco, and pulled the mortar closer to him. Draco had gotten the leaves done to small bits, and Blaise worked on pressing them into a powder.

"Draco? Have you spoken to your father about this summer?"

"Huh?" Draco took the proffered knife and started chopping the figs in to even chunks, every now and then removing the already chopped up pieces to a bowl.

"Not yet, don't see what the problem should be though. Neither him nor my mother has even said anything to me entertaining guests."

"He won't care if I spend the whole summer with you then?" Blaise looked up from the leaves, "It's just that, this time, I actually did get a letter from my father. He's already talking about this summer. I wanted to be able to tell him that I wasn't going home, before he could do anything about it."

Draco kept his eyes on the cutting-board and his lips pressed in to bloodless lines, "It's not a problem. You can stay with me, there's no reason for you to go home to your father again. You'll be of age soon and he cannot do anything to you anymore." Draco chopped faster, knife flying over the poor figs. "But you need to keep training with me, you need to... follow me, follow my father."

"I already told you I would, Draco." Blaise reached a hand out to calm Draco's nearly frantic chopping. "You're going to ruin to figs. I'm here, he's not, and we'll be fine." He went back to his leaves, peering down at the gathered powder. "I think this is finished."

"Well yes, excuse me for wanting proof. Last time you went and... did Merlin knows what to a Hufflepuff." Draco moved his hands from under Blaise's and picked up the now slightly mangled figs. "Hmm, this will have to do." The figs went in to the boiling water, turning it a watered-down brown colour.

Draco stirred the 48 clock-wise turns and held out his hand for the powder.

"Jonathan and I didn't do much of anything, as you well know." Blaise scrapped out the powder into a small glass jar, handing it over to Draco. He sniffed the air, "Is it going to smell this bad when it's finished? Millicent will know it's in her shampoo if it does."

"I know no such thing," Draco turned his back on Blaise after grabbing the jar. "Nor do I wish to." the jar got up-ended and the foul odour Blaise had mentioned wafted through the entire room.

"I don't think so, the stuff she uses reeks to high heaven as it is. Flowery or what not."

"Ugh, have you actually been close enough to smell her hair?" Blaise made a face, all while using his hand to keep the stink away from his nose. He looked down at the potion, which had now turned a white sort of colour. "Now what?"

"Had to, she was pawing at me when I was in the hospital-wing after the botched up Quidditch match." Draco grabbed another jar filled with green ooze and poured about a quarter of a cup in to the cauldron and stirred it gently.

"Now we wait ‘till it turns purple."

"Yuck," Blaise said. He slid into a seat next to Draco, rather than standing on the other side of the work counter. Pulling his legs up, he looked over at Draco from the tops of his knees. "I'll owl my father and tell him I'm spending the summer with you, then. Alright?"

"Yes." and he pushed a small bundle of fur over to lie in front of Blaise. "Pluck these, we need a few strands of it and more newt eyes, I think." The eyes in mention were sitting in their own jar, sloshing around in some sort of liquid.

"Do you need anything from home? Clothes, items, the like?"

Blaise took the fur, pulling out a small collection of strands. "There are few things I'd like to have, but nothing really important. I bought most of that stuff with me. That's why I've got that extra trunk under my bed."

"Good, just thought I'd offer to get it, should you need something." Draco coughed in to his hand to cover up his blush and turned his attention to the potion simmering over the fire, "I talked to Pansy today, and she agreed to sneak this potion in to Millicent’s shampoo when it's done."

"That's good," Blaise agreed. "I should talk to her. I was rather rude the last time we had a conversation." He looked at the eye of Newt with disgust. "Do I have to touch those things?"

"Yeah, she did mention something like that. I made excuses on your behalf." the potion was stirred a few more times and Draco was a little relived when he got up from the bench to walk around the room. "The fur should be added in 5 minutes."

A little restless, Draco went to look at the few things left behind when this classroom was closed down; empty jars and vials, the odd dead thing on display and lots and lots of dust.

"Do you think Theo is trustworthy still? He's been all but hissing at me lately and I wouldn't want to risk... myself because of a love-sick little boy," he said as he turned around to look straight at Blaise.

Blaise blinked at the sudden change in subject. "Theo hasn't really said much to me. He knows his place, though. Didn't Pansy tell him what was going on? It's not like you have any real choice in the matter with her." Blaise watched Draco move around the room, his actions a bit restless, but with the Malfoy grace Draco had just started to grow into. "I can talk to him, if you want me too. See how he's feeling."

"I have no idea what Pansy is up to, other than that she apparently got tired of Theo. And it's not like I care much either." Draco picked up an interesting looking glass, "But yes, if you could kindly make him see that she's mine to breed heirs with, that would be ... nice."

The glass went back to the shelf.

"Nutters, both of them."

"Alright," Blaise nodded, "I'll talk to him after dinner or something." Looking at Draco carefully, trying to judge his mood, Blaise finally ventured to say, "You know, I saw Pansy in the library the other day. She seemed rather close to that Gryffindor beater... Sloped or something.

Draco merely lifted an eyebrow, "A Gryffindor? Tsk Pansy," he tutted, "She really should know better. I'll have a little chat with her about House loyalty."

"Time for the fur now...and was it one or two eyes? Stir it gently, no hard movements."

"Yes Draco," Blaise grinned, slowly stirring the potion. He added the fur, letting Draco get the newt eyes and putting them into the potion.

"I hope Pansy hasn't done anything stupid with the Gryffindor."

The eyeballs were slick in his hand and oddly squishy when he closed his fingers around them. But six years in potions had removed the urge to wince every time he had to touch something revolting. It turned out one and half eyeball was just right and they dissolved slowly in the bubbling potion.

"She might find herself in a tough spot if she did." Draco wiped his hands in a piece of cloth, "I did tell her that I would not tolerate public displays of affection. My mother would be furious if I married a girl who had been putting out."

"Ew," Blaise made a face, "Not with a Gryffindor, would she?" He tried not to let on that it was the idea of Pansy having sex that disgusted Blaise, and not her having sex with a Gryffindor. Though that was rather revolting as well.

"That wouldn't be very dignified of her."

"Well, you can't really expect much, can you? Girls are weak as it is, I'll have to keep an eye on her...for her own good, of course." said Draco, taking his seat again and with elbows propped up on the table, he rested his head in his hands.

"Of course," Blaise agreed, eyeing the potion. The colour had mostly evened out, and much of the horrid stench was gone, though it still had an odour. "Do we wait now?" he asked Draco.

Draco looked the potion over quickly and nodded, "It says 'boil for 20 minutes and left in the cauldron to cool'. So I guess we have to stay for at least another hour." he picked at an invisible fleck of lint on his robe. "You didn't by any chance bring Exploding Snap, did you?"

Blaise snorted, "No, that wouldn't have fit in my pockets. I was carrying all the supplies, remember? No free hands. I'm sure we can think of something else to do while we're waiting." Blaise made no inferences as to what he'd rather be doing, he simply slid a little closer in his seat.

"Hmmmm, you've got a point. We should have levitated the whole lot of it down here, instead of dragging it along like house-elves." Draco slid out his wand and very carefully, started carving his initials in to the old wood of the table.

"That would have been smarter," Blaise agreed, watching Draco. "Draco Malfoy Was Here?" Blaise asked, with a smirk, "Scare the next group of first years in this room?"

He smirked back, "Wouldn't want anyone to forget that I was, in deed, here. Maybe I should add something remarkable about myself... 'extraordinary good at Quidditch' or 'most eligible Student' perhaps?"

Draco snorted, "Or maybe just 'the wizard who bested Potter'?"

Laughing slightly, Blaise shook his head, "Not that that's to hard to do. I think your surname is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the firsties." Shaking his head, Blaise stood up to stretch, and walked around the table. Instead of sitting on a chair, he pushed himself up onto the end of the countertop, right above the place Draco was carving his name.

"Your arse is in the way of my writing, Blaise." Draco prodded the aforementioned body part with his wand and quirked an eyebrow when that didn't make Blaise jump off the table. "Is this your way of telling me you want me to draw your rear on the table?"
"Draw it on the table?" Blaise asked with raised eyebrows, "Wouldn't that look silly? It's no where near as interesting at your name would be there. It's unfortunate that's my arse is in the way, isn't it? Maybe you should move it?" Blaise said, suggestively.

Draco cocked his head to the side and smirked as he got off the bench. "If you insist."

Standing between Blaise's legs, Draco pulled the other wizard forward to the edge of the table, grabbed hold of that in-the-way arse and lifted Blaise off the table. "God, you've been eating to much." he huffed, trying to manoeuvre them both away from the table.

Wrapping his arms and legs around Draco's body, Blaise grinned into the crook of Draco's neck. "Weren't you just saying I wasn't eating enough? I'm still thinner than I should be." He nuzzled Draco's neck with his nose, "Maybe you're just out of shape," he teased, not looking where Draco was taking him, trusting Draco not to drop him on his arse.

"Well.. you bloody weigh a ton." Draco struggled with the extra weight and collapsed to his knees in the floor. "Ow, that hurt."

He shifted his hands from that nice, firm behind to slide up Blaise's back.

"And I'm in perfect shape, you're just heavy... you'll end up looking like Vincent soon."

"I will not!" Blaise exclaimed, looking affronted, but not moving away from the comforting hands. His legs stayed around Draco, while the other boy moved into a cross-legged position so Blaise could sit comfortably in his lap. Moving his face from Draco's neck, Blaise leaned forward to kiss him, nipping at Draco's lower lip. "Take that back," he pouted.

Doing this or something like it, was beginning to grow on Draco and he was having less and less second-thoughts about indulging the side of him who wanted to be closer to Blaise. But it still wasn't that easy or natural for him to make out with a boy.

Draco controlled his flinch and merely moved his head back a little to smirk, "No, the truth should always be told at all costs. Haven't you been paying attention to the Gryffindors all these years?"

With a tug, Draco managed to pull Blaise flush up against him and brushed his fingers up Blaise's neck.

"I'm much too small to ever look like Vincent," Blaise argued, "Look at me!" He pulled back slightly, still in the circle of Draco's arms, and tugged up his shirt. "You can still see my ribs." Indeed, Blaise was still thin enough that the shadows of his ribs were still visible.

"See? You're just out of shape." Blaise nodded as if that answered everything, and wrapped his arms around Draco again, fingers slipping under his shirt and stroking the smooth skin, while Blaise laid his head on Draco's shoulder, nose against his neck.

A small jolt ran thought him, when Blaise lifted the shirt and he tightened his grip a little more. "Hmmm, I still say it's not me." He pulled back again, this time to get an almost clear view of the boy in his arms.

"Tired? Because if you're going to fall asleep on me and droll on my robe, I'll have to hex you, you know." Draco fingered a few stands of hair at the nap of Blaise's neck and rested his lips on the boy's forehead.

"I'm not tired," Blaise retorted, "I'm comfortable. And I don't drool." His fingers stroked Draco's soft skin, legs tightening around Draco's hips in response to Draco's movements.

Tilting his head up, Blaise kissed the underside of Draco's chin, a gentle way of asking permission to kiss Draco's lips.

"Sure you do, I've slept in the same dorm as you for six years and you've got drool-marks on your pillow." said Draco softly, lowering his head to slide them over Blaise's.

His hips made tiny thrusting movements, arching up to get friction and Draco couldn't help licking over Blaise's bottom-lip with little flicks of his tongue. "Mmmm, pumpkin-juice and toffee."

Blaise's legs tightened even more, hips pushed closely together. He moved slightly, moaning softly when he rubbed against Draco. Catching Draco's lips, Blaise kissed him soundly, while his hands roamed across Draco's back.

"Desert," Blaise grinned, grinding a bit into Draco's lap. "I like toffee." One hand slid around to Draco's stomach, rubbing the smooth muscles there.


Draco placed his hand over the one roaming across his bare skin, stopping Blaise from touching him more.

“Just don’t, alright?” he licked his lips nervously and bit down on the bottom one with sharp teeth. Every other time they had done anything, even this slow sort of kissing, they had been desperate or worried, scared even or just plain angry. At least Draco had. He shook his head, he was not so hard up he would willingly do this, without any sort of reason or justification – that would be… choosing to do this and not just taking what was available.

“I’m not going to … grope at you in a closed-down potions lab as if we were fooling around…”

Blaise stopped moving almost instantly, pulling away from Draco. Both of his arms dropped down, his legs loosening, only tight enough now to keep him from falling backwards. The rejection, at least, that was the way Blaise viewed it, hurt greatly and suddenly he needed to be away.

"Right," Blaise managed, sliding the rest of the way out of Draco's lap and standing up. No evidence of his desire was remaining, thankfully, and he took the few steps away, back to the potion.

Looking at the murky liquid, rather than at Draco, still sitting on the floor where Blaise left him, he said, "Sorry, Draco. Didn't mean to grope."

Draco got off the floor slowly, spending too much time brushing dust and dirt off his robe. "I..." he shrugged and went to sit back down at the table, hands twisting in his clothes and he tried very hard to remember that he didn't miss Blaise's warmth and that he didn't want to be touched like that by a boy.

"Ahem..." Draco cleared his throat, "Did it change colour yet?"

Prodding at the potion with the stirring spoon, Blaise nodded. "Should I take it off the heat then? It needs to cool, doesn't it?" He still wasn't looking at Draco, and his words sounded much too formal for talking to his best friend.

"Or just quench the flames... both should work." Draco didn't look up and coughed a few times in to his hand when the silence became too much. “We should have a good chance of winning the Quidditch-cup next y…” he stopped and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, well that sure sounded inane. “The exams are less hard than I imagined,” Draco tried again, only to stop, frown and look down at his own name carved in to the table-top.


A wave of his wand and a muttered spell put the fire out, leaving the potion to cool. Draco's half-assed attempts at starting conversation fell fairly short of his mark, and Blaise was just looking for an excuse to leave for a bit, when Draco started up again. Closing his eyes for the briefest moment, Blaise took a steadying breath, he didn't want to start crying or anything like that, and turned around again.

"Yes?" he said, blue eyes wide and slightly watery.

"Erhhh..." Malfoys do not apologize rang through his head as Draco looked at Blaise; the hunched shoulders and the wide, moist eyes. "Uhmmm..." he fidgeted a little with the hem of his robe and swallowed a little bit more of his pride, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean... you know I'm not like that, don't you? That," Draco gestured to the piece of floor where they had been, "doesn't mean I'm anything like that."

Blaise blinked a little rapidly, not crying really, but not dry-eyed either. He was quiet for a long moment, just looking at Draco, trying to figure out what to say to him. Blaise knew that he probably was 'like that', and Draco too. At least, concerning each other. But saying that to Draco would be the quickest way to close him off, and Blaise couldn't live like that, without Draco.

Finally, he settled for the lie. The one that would calm Draco, and let them leave the room together and in peace. "Of course you aren't," Blaise said, nodding his agreement, the words not at all condescending. "That was silly of me, anyway. I'm sorry."

Just when the quiet was pressing in on him enough to make Draco want to scream or claw at something, just to hear the noise, Blaise spoke.

"Well, yeah... don't be...I shouldn't have..." again Draco gestured to the floor. "Shouldn’t have, without... erhhh..." he blushed and covered half of his face in his hands, "Am too hard up anyways... McGonagall might start to look appealing soon."

Yes, being an adolescent would render anyone hard, especially if one was too close to someone warm and willing. It had nothing to do with Blaise or Draco or being perverted in all the wrong ways.

Snorting, Blaise turned back to the potion, prodding at it, needing something to do with his hands. "Did you really have to mention McGonagall? That may have been pushing it," Blaise said. He shrugged, "It's no big deal, Draco." Even though it was. Blaise really wanted to curl up in his bed and forget it happened, but he knew it wouldn't be that easy. He loved Draco, even if Draco didn't want to hear it.

"Well, maybe McGonagall was a bit much," he grinned, "But you know what I meant."

Draco went back to not-looking at Blaise and prodded the table with his wand again, drawing shapes and writing nothings on it. "How cooled down is it now?" Draco needed to move, needed some alone-time to get rid of the heat pooled between his legs and to get his equilibrium back.

"I think we can move it now," Blaise answered. "Will you give it to Pansy for me?" He didn't think he would be able to talk to the Slytherin girl without freaking out at her. Taking a small glass vial, Blaise dipped the ladle into the cauldron, slowly and carefully transferring it.

"Of course I can." Draco waited with his hands in his pockets until Blaise held out the vial for him to take. "It should be done in a few days and that hideous head of hair will be gone." When the vial was pushed in to his hand, Draco slid his fingers over Blaise's once. An apology and he smiled dryly, "You're driving me nutters, you know that right?"

Blaise smiled weakly, resisting the urge to grab Draco's hands and pull him close. "Am I really? I don't mean to." He sounded a little sad by that statement.

"No you're not... you're probably pretty damn smug about the whole thing." Draco brushed his hair out of his face; it really was getting too long. "Ready to go back?" The sooner they left, the sooner Draco would be alone. This was, strangely enough, a very good and a very bad thing all at once.

"Mmhmm," Blaise nodded, gathering up the stray supplies and cleaning out the cauldron to put everything in there. "Want to levitate it for me? You're charm is better than mine."

With the cauldron and supplies floating obediently behind them, Blaise turned back to Draco, responding to his earlier comment. "Why would I be smug about this?"

"Sure," Draco concentrated and levitated the lot of it. "Because you're not ..." Draco frowned, how to explain the nagging feeling that Blaise didn't have the same qualms about what they were doing and that he wasn't sure he, Draco, didn't like the other boy in a decidedly inappropriate manner."...you're taking this a lot better than I do, is all."

Blaise shrugged, "Why should I get worked up over it? I like kissing you, Draco. It would be rather silly to get upset over something that I like to do. It's a bit like Quidditch, isn't it?" Blaise didn't think that statement left anything for Draco to be upset over, but Blaise had to step carefully around the subject. He didn't want Draco to flip out on him, like he did when Blaise confessed his real feelings.

Draco was about to answer when the Quidditch-analogy made a funny sort of sense. He blinked rapidly a few times and gaped at Blaise, "You like riding a broom, huh?" Oh, that just brought too many memories to Draco's mind and he flushed pink and as his concentration failed, the potion equipment crashed to the floor.

"Oh... well, that's..."

Suddenly, the whole thing made sense to Blaise, and he started to laugh. True the laughter was slightly hysterical, but it was better than the crying he wanted to do earlier. Draco's bright pink face and the scattered equipment where they had just been sitting atop each other were just too funny for the boy to handle. He took a step over everything, hugging Draco in a fairly chaste embrace.

Draco willingly wrapped both arms around the laughing boy and rested his forehead on his shoulder as he laughed even more.

"You just want to ride my broomstick, don't you?"

The scent of broom-polish came to mind and with it the memory of Blaise wriggling beneath him, coated in it in select places. The erection he'd been fighting since having Blaise in his lap, surged again and he moved the lower parts of himself away from Blaise.

"You really don't want me to answer that, do you Draco?" Blaise asked, still laughing. He was hyper aware of Draco's movements, and noticed the slight backwards step he took, but didn't remark on it. Besides, being this close to Draco was doing things to his body that he didn't necessarily want Draco to know about.

"Erhhh... well...uhmmm..." he flushed an even deeper pink and muffled his words with cough. "Maybe not." Having Blaise this near was not really helping his situation any and Draco reluctantly unwrapped himself from the hug. "Uhmmm... know any good cleaning spells for that?"

"Uh, no," Blaise answered, looking down at the mess. It was mostly contained, but things had splattered around the area. Luckily, there wasn't anything on Draco's pants, or Blaise's either. "Good thing you didn't drop the vial."

"Uhmmm.." Draco patted down his pockets and made a face, "Well... I thought I had it in my pocket, but..." he looked down at the mess of things mixed together on the floor. "It's down there somewhere."

Blaise sighed, "You're joking? Please be joking, Draco. I don't want to have to make the whole thing over again."

He shook his head, "Sadly no. Maybe it didn't break with the rest of it?" Draco got down on hands and knees and poked through the shards of glass and the rest of the debris. "It could be here somewhere.... bullocks!" he hissed and jammed his finger in to his mouth. "Bloody glass"

"Don't do that!" Blaise exclaimed, dropping down to his knees and pulling at Draco's hand to see the cut. "What if there was potion on it? It can't be good to ingest." Using the corner of his robe, Blaise wiped the blood off the cut. Luckily it wasn't that bad, and, fishing around in a pocket, Blaise pulled out the salve Madam Pomfrey had given him, and spread it on Draco's cut.

"There. Now sit bad, and I'll look for it." Blaise pushed Draco back firmly, and used the point of his want to dig around looking for the glass vial. "Found it!" he said, triumphantly. It was nestled between the soft bags of dried leaves and figs.

"Stop that!" Draco tried to bat the hands away and hissed when the salve was smeared in to the wound. "That stings more than whatever it was on my hands," he whined and sat in a sulky heap on the floor.

"Good, now all we need is to clean this... or we could leave it to the house-elves. They love to work as it is."

"Stop being a baby, Draco." Blaise made a face at him, standing up and offering Draco a hand. "I had to put that salve all over my body, and I didn't complain."

Surveying the mess, Blaise shrugged, "We might as well just leave it. It's not like Professor Snape uses this classroom anymore."

Draco was tired, irritable from the exams and sporting a hard-on that could punch a hole through stone and he wasn't in any mood to be nice. "You must be numb all over then, because that shite stings." He adjusted his trousers through his robe and sneered some more. "Yes, move on then. Go"

Blaise smirked knowingly. "Actually no, I was in pain all over and that helped. Like it will help your cut. Come on, lets go back to the dorm." They two walked together back towards the dungeons, and Blaise was glad for the long robes covering his own erection. Being so near to Draco wasn't very good for him, if he couldn't do anything about it.

Draco scowled all the way back to Slytherin, sneered at every younger student he saw and headed straight to the boys' dorm. If he was forced to be frustrated and aching, well, so would everyone else. He threw himself down on his bed, head first and punched his pillow in to submission.

Frowning, Blaise put the vial of potion carefully on the night stand between them both, then sat on the edge of Draco's bed. Carefully, he reached out and ran his hand down Draco's back in a calming manner. "Alright?" he asked.

"No." he mumbled in to the poor pillow below his head. "Not alright by half."

"Do you want me to leave you alone?" Blaise asked, still rubbing Draco's back.

Once again he mumbled 'no' and shook his head for emphasis. A furry something nudged his head and Draco opened his eyes just enough to make out the cat butting its head against his. "Hmmm, attention seeking little thing." He got up on his elbows and petted the cat on it's little head.

Blaise laughed softly, and slid fully on the bed, sitting cross-legged next to Draco. He reached over him to pet the kitten, "I like him. Did you ever name him, Draco?" It must have been an amusing picture, Blaise sitting there with one hand petting the kitten, and other rubbing Draco's back.

"Mmm hmm, named it peccatus." Draco said as he rolled on to his back, stretching out with a yawn and placed one hand on Blaise's thigh. "Should have named it: nosey, the little bugger is always trying to burrow it's way under the covers when I got to sleep." The other hand kept petting the cat, even as it sank it's little claws in to his side and purred loudly all the while.

Blaise grinned at the two of them. Draco looked about 5, with the kitten curled up on his side and himself lying back on the bed. Unable to help himself, Blaise leaned down and brushes a light kiss across Draco's forehead, before coming a bit closer, the hand that had been on Draco's back now resting on Draco's arm.

Big boys don't purr, so Draco merely smacked his lips and wriggled until he was comfortably nested in a small hollow in the bed. "I'll hand the vial to Pansy first thing tomorrow. Soon enough?"

"That's perfect," Blaise agreed. "Millicent will be bald by the end of the day. Pansy always wakes up before she does." The kitten mewled slightly, and Blaise reached across Draco again to scratch behind it's ears. "You look tired," he observed.

"Mmmmmm, might be." Draco slurred and secretly enjoyed how Blaise had to lean over him to get to the kitten. "She'll look a right git without hair... not that she's much to look at now, by no means." Draco laughed and sneaked his hand over to rest on top of Blaise's.

Blaise turned his hand over and curled his fingers around Draco's, not even looking while he did it. The kitten started to purr under both boys attentions, and Blaise smiled with pleasure. "I can't wait. This will be fitting punishment for everything she's done to me."

"Yes, rhinestone is not for you." Draco giggled a little at the memory and pulled at their joined hands, causing Blaise to tumble over on top of him. "Ah, much warmer. It's chilly in here," he said in his most innocent voice.

"Uh huh," Blaise said, completely disbelieving him. He didn't get up though, just shifted around so he was more comfortably lying atop Draco's lean body. "I guess I'm not that heavy now, hmm?" he teased. Their legs intertwined, Blaise burying his nose against Draco's neck.

"A tad." Draco mumbled in to Blaise's hair just before he braced both legs around the boy's waist and rolled them over, successfully pinning the boy to the madras. The cat didn't care for that much and scratched Draco before moving to a less moving part of the bed.

"Hey!" Blaise exclaimed, laughing slightly, "What do you think you're doing!" Draco had effectively locked Blaise between the mattress and himself, not that Blaise minded all that much. During the rolling, Blaise had grabbed onto Draco's shoulders in fear of falling off the bed, and he kept his hands there, locking them loosely around Draco's neck.

"Well... I was..." Draco frowned down at him, "Errhhh... seemed like a good idea at the time."

He was seriously contemplating just going to the Prefects Bathroom to take care of things, when a particular rough grind downward brought him in direct contact with a similar problem. "Mmmmm... still seems like a good idea to me." Draco nibbled at an earlobe and lifted most of his weight off the body beneath him, making their groins the only point of contact.

"Not fair," Blaise breathed, hips jerking upward, seeking the warm pressure only Draco could give him. His head rolled the side almost on instinct, giving Draco plenty of access to his neck, the slight tugging Blaise was doing leaving Draco with little wonder has to exactly what Blaise wanted. His legs wrapped around Draco's waist, pulling both their groins into closer contact, and Blaise let out a small groan.

"Who said I had to be fair?" Draco whispered, kissing and nibbling along the jaw in front of him. "Must more fun... being unfair," his breath was just a little breathless as Draco caught Blaise's lips in a searing kiss.

Draco fisted one hand in the soft dark hair and slid the other down to cup Blaise's arse, pressing himself closer and whimpering in to the kiss.

Blaise almost cried out, when Draco finally kissed him. He had wanted it for so long, and now it was happening he practically melted into Draco's arms. His legs tightened even more, and his hips arched off the bed, the button to his trousers digging painfully into his stomach.

Hands pulled at Draco's shirt, arms slipping around and under Draco's to reach the small of Draco's back, one rubbing the smooth skin, the other slipping just under the waist band of Draco's trousers and pants.


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