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Slytherin Boys Dorm, part II
Characters: Blaise (played by Sarah; I miss her) and Draco
Rated: NC17
AN – Same game as the rest. Draco and Blaise need to get revenge on Millicent; they plan to do this by pouring a hair-remover potion in to her shampoo. Warning; very fluffy! Very, very, fluffy. Re-reading it, it almost made my teeth ache, but in a good way.

Draco jumped up, panting like he'd just flown a mile and clawed the curtains shut around them with a snarl. "Clothes, off." He started pulling at Blaise's shirt and robe, while kissing and groping everything he could get his greedy little hands on.

Draco's demand both unnerved and excited Blaise at the same time. He attacked Draco's shirt, pulling it up and over the blond head, then used Draco as leverage to pull his own robe and shirt off. His mouth attached it's self to Draco's neck, his movements as frantic as Draco's, only slower, giving the other boy complete control of his body.

He attacked the button on Draco's trousers, undoing it and then started tugging at the zipper.

When the lips attached themselves to his neck, Draco let his head fall back and groaned deep in his throat.


With trembling fingers, Draco reached out and pushed the boy flat on his back and wiggled out of his trousers himself.

"Just..." he crawled up the lithe body and kissed his way down the naked torso, licking and suckling at the clean skin. When Draco reached the edge of the trousers, he had them opened in a few seconds and urged Blaise to raise his hips.

There was nothing more Blaise could do, save make small noises from his throat, rivalling the mewling of the cat. First, he arched into Draco's attentions, then he raised his hips, letting Draco slide the trousers off and kick them some place near the bottom of the bed. "Draco," he breathed, his hands tugging at him, wanting to touch and kiss the other boy. "Need you."

"Oh god."

Draco all but fell on top of the boy, plunging his tongue in to that welcoming mouth, ravaging it. Hands moved over the sweat-slicked skin and grinding to get closer, get more of everything. "Oh... Blaise..." Draco moaned and arched in to the hands on him and the heat between them, becoming unbearably hard against Blaise's own erection.

"Draco," Blaise groaned, slipping his hand between the two of them, and wrapping it around Draco's cock. His fingers were slippery from sweat, and they glided over the smooth skin. "Draco, I want you," he gasped, wiggling against the firm body, "want you in me. Wanna have sex," he said, "with you."

Draco almost choked on the skin currently beneath his lips and he pushed himself up on his elbows to stare at Blaise. "Erhhh... well-Oh, please... stop..." Draco stopped the rapid rubbing in his crotch with a firm hand. "Gonna come..." he blushed crimson and leaned down to kiss it away. After more sloppy, wet, delicious kisses Draco had enough courage to ask: "Are... are you sure? It didn't... last time?"

His breath hitched at that, how did you ask for something that nearly had your (boy)friend in tears?

This time, it was Blaise's turn to blush furiously. "I, er, after last time... sorta practiced." He lavished kisses across Draco's neck before starting to talk again, "It needs to... well, you need to stretch it first." Blaise's cheeks were bright red, and he ducked his face slightly, in embarrassment.

"Oh...erhhh... right." Draco looked a little dubious and had to ask: "Stretch... with what?" The kisses burned over his skin and his whole body was shaking, and Draco clutched at Blaise, moving his hips in maddening little thrusts against him.

"Um, well," at this, Blaise turned even brighter red, if that was possible, "your fingers, would be best."

"Erhhh..." Draco pulled back a little, lifting himself off Blaise and looked from his fingers to where Blaise seemed to think they should go. "Uhmmmm... well..."

"Please Draco," Blaise's voice was breathless and needy; his erection almost painful, Draco's looking about the same. "Please Draco, I want you. Use your hand lotion," he practically whined, "please!"

"Uhmmm..." he frowned again, but got the lotion out of the trunk anyways, walking on his knees to the edge of the bed and reached out through the curtains to get it.

"And you're quite sure this isn't... disgusting?" Draco edged himself back in-between Blaise's splayed legs, sitting back on his haunches with the vial of thick lotion in his hand.

"I..I'm not sure I can do that..."

"Draco!" Blaise really did whine this time, sitting up enough to look the other boy in the eye. One hand came out to run along Draco's cock, fingers sliding over the head and the precome gathered there, "Not disgusting, really. Please, please, don't leave me like this!"

"Ugh!" He choked down the urge to just grind against something until the need to get off went away and took a deep breath. "I can do this... no problem..."

His hand shook so hard, Draco almost lost the lotion carefully balanced on top of it, as he inched even closer to Blaise. "Tell me... tell me if it hurts..."

The all-consuming need was going away when Draco realized he was about to put his fingers up Blaise's bum. His fingers! Draco swallowed hard, darting a glance up to judge how Blaise was holding up. Very good, apparently, the boy was spread out and glistening in the near-dark, panting and pushing up to meet him. Breathtaking, really.

With a final deep breath, Draco laid down next to Blaise, hand trailing up one pale, scared thigh until he brushed over the small puckered opening. He pressed inward until the muscle gave way and his finger was in to first knuckle. “Oh… god.”

Blaise sucked in a gasp of air, first when Draco brushed the sensitive skin, then a larger one when he felt the finger inside of him. "Draco," he moaned, legs opening wider, hips arching up to meet the buried heat. "Move it a bit," Blaise told him, "You have to stretch it out." Draco's finger jerked a bit, and Blaise cried out in pleasure, "Then," he panted, "need... another one..."

"A-alright," Draco slid one more finger inside that tight heat, pressing them both in as far as he dared. "H-How's that?" God, there was heat pressing all around his fingers; smooth as silk and pulsing in time with the frantic heartbeat he could feel under his lips as he kissed Blaise all way from sternum to neck.

Draco licked his dry lips, "God, you feel..." With a little, needy cry Draco mashed their lips together hard and rocked himself against the leg he was pressed up against.

Blaise whimpered slightly, his legs coming around Draco and tugging him closer. "Good," he breathed, "Amazing." His head fell back against the pillow, taking short little breaths with the movement of Draco's fingers, buried inside him.

"Draco, please. Need you now," Blaise begged.

"Ohgodyes." Draco slated the rest of the lotion on his hand on to his cock, almost coming from that, and the sight of Blaise so wantonly displayed, alone. He kneeled between Blaise's spread thighs and positioned himself against the slicked opening, looking from what he was doing to Blaise's face. "Alright?"

But before Blaise had a chance to reply, Draco pushed inside with one hard thrust and was buried balls deep in Blaise. "OH-fuckinggod. Blaise!" Draco shuddered and stopped moving, willing himself not to come straight away.

"Want you, god, Blaise..ah! so good," he mumbled out between open-mouthed kisses

"Oh god!" Blaise cried out, eyes tightening against the sudden intrusion. He tensed up for a minute, glad Draco was still. Soon, the pain and tension faded, and Blaise responded to Draco's kisses, pulling his knees up almost to his chest. "Move Draco," he whined, "make me crazy."

He draped his legs over Draco's shoulders, giving him more room to thrust inside. Blaise caught Draco's face between his hands, and pulled him in for a kiss, pouring all of his need and want into a single press of lips and fight of tongues. "Move, now."

And Draco did just that, pulling out carefully and pushing back in fast. His head was spinning and his throat tight, as Draco looked down at Blaise, with his eyes wide and trusting and the way he kept making small thrusts up against him; arching up to meet every downward push.

"God!I-I c-can't... ah!" Draco bit down hard on his lower lip, reciting potions ingredients in his head. Every little motion was making his nerves scream for release and Draco almost sobbed with it.

Every movement had Blaise on fire, his arms clutching at Draco, matching his upward movements, needed Draco to fill him as deeply as possible. "Oh god, Draco!" he cried out, hips jerking forward, as muscles clamped down, "I need to... ohgodcan'tstopnow!" Blaise's body tightened like an arrow, before releasing, his cock pressed between both their bodies, coming in full spurts.

Draco's arms were growing numb and the coils of heat inside him were drawing together, making him gasp against Blaise's shoulder.

"Oh fuck!" Blood-warm release spurted between them and Draco wasn't there yet, he was close oh so damn close, but even with Blaise holding him as in a vice and the walls of him clutched even closer to him than Blaise's arms, Draco couldn't quite make it with a few thrusts.

He stopped moving, arms trembling and took in the sated look on Blaise's face. "Errhhhh..." Draco wasn't all that sure it was polite to just ... go on, when Blaise was clearly done.

Blaise tugged on Draco's arms, urging him to finish, "It's okay," he said, while taking deep breaths to steady himself. "Keep going." His words weren't much louder than a whisper, but he kept tugging until Draco started moving again, sighing in pleasure. "Yessss," he hissed, drawing the 's' out as long as he could.

"Nrghh!" Draco set a brisk pace, snapping his hips rapidly back and forth, "I can't... fuck.Blaise-oh" With Blaise so relaxed and open beneath him, it didn't take all that long after getting permission before Draco froze in place. His mouth clamped down on a shoulder to muffle what ever gibberish he was likely to sprout and Draco came hard, shuddering all over just before he collapsed right on top of his bed-mate.

Blaise's legs dropped down, and he wrapped both them and his arms around Draco's body, petting down Draco's sweaty hair. He was completely relaxed and comfortably with Draco's warm weight on top of him, still inside his body. Turning his face inward, he was able to kiss and suck at a small part of Draco's neck, lavishing it with attention.

"Draco," he sighed happily, nuzzling the sweaty skin.

Draco was sprawled boneless and so relaxed on top of Blaise, it felt like an enormous effort just to lift his head and press a sloppy kiss to Blaise's lips, but he managed.

"Blaise," Draco whispered back and wiggled about a little until they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

"Mmm." Blaise ran his fingers up and down Draco's back, unable to think of anything more than how comfortable he was, curled up and stated under Draco's warmth. He licked the sweat away from the curve of Draco's collarbone, and then titled his head up to leave slow, lazy kisses along Draco's jaw line.

"I have to agr-" Draco's face broke in a yawn and he smacked his lips, "-agree. Mmmmmm." He was beginning to drift off, resting, sated and happy, against Blaise in the darkness of the enclosed bed.

"T'wasn't bad this time."

"No, it was good," Blaise agreed quietly. He prodded Draco's side, "Don't fall asleep yet. Need to clean up. Sticky." Giving Draco a gentle shove, Blaise was able to slip out from under him, looking for his wand. It was inside his trouser pockets, pushed down to the bottom of the bed. Pulling it out, Blaise cast the cleaning charm on them both, then put his wand under Draco's pillow.

Still sitting up, Blaise stretched his arms high over his head, wincing slightly when places he knew were going to be very sore in the morning were pulled. Brushing aside the small twinge of pain, Blaise slipped back into bed, curling up tightly against Draco.

"Mmmm, thanks." and he meant it, when Blaise had gotten up, Draco became very aware of where his fingers and other things had been. Not the best things to think about and Draco decided that a shower later wouldn't be a miss. Maybe he could lure Blaise to the Prefects bathroom again.

Draco curled a protective arm around Blaise's waist and spooned up against him, kissing lazy kisses in to the damp hair there.

Blaise sighed happily, closing his eyes and blindly searching for Draco's hand, intertwining their fingers. He was just getting comfortable enough to drift off to sleep when he heard footsteps pounding down the hallway to their door. Both Blaise and Draco tensed up at that, Blaise could feel the arm around his waist tighten almost painfully. When the door flew open and the heavy steps that could only belong to Vincent filled the room, neither of the other boys even dared to breath.

At least the curtains were closed, Blaise thought, a bit hysterically. He was shaking in fear of being caught, cursing himself for forgetting the locking charms on the door. And the silencing charms, for that matter.

Vincent stayed in the room for what felt like an eternity, but was really only a few minutes, before his same heavy steps brought him out of the room, and back in the hallway, door closing hard behind him.

As soon as it felt safe to move, Draco bolted upright. "Oh hell!" he dived for his clothes beside the bed and as fast as humanly possible, donned his trousers and his shirt. He looked with wide, scared eyes over at the boy who was just sitting there, half in and half out from under the covers.

"Well? Get your clothes on! What was I thinking?! No locking charm! No silencing charm!" Draco pushed at Blaise, all the while trying to get the just-shagged look to go away. "Move! Goddammit! I knew this would be a mistake!”

Slowly, unable to make himself move any faster, Blaise reached for his clothing, pulling his trousers on, and buttoning up his shirt. He couldn't even say to Draco, didn't know what to say. This was going to get blamed on him, he knew it. "I'm sorry Draco," Blaise said quietly, finishing the last button.

"A little late in the day for that, isn't it?" Draco sneered and rounded on the one person, aside from himself, that he could pin the blame on. "What is this? You're idea of a joke? If any saw... heard anything, I'm dead. My father is going to kill me for this!" he groaned, "Everyone is going to think lies about me... Fuck!" He punched the pillow and started shaking, his image, his father! His whole life! "Damnit!"

"Yes, because I did this on purpose," Blaise retorted, getting angry now. "Last I checked, you were the one buggering me, you could have remembered the spells too!" He seemed to draw in on himself, pulling his legs in tight around him, and wrapping his arms around his knees. Somehow, while dressing, Blaise ended up on the other side of the bed, as far away from Draco as possible, shaking in fear of both his housemates, and of Draco.

"Oh god!" Draco felt bile rise in his throat and covered his mouth with the back of his hand. "Oh god, I... you... I just had sex with you!" And liked it, his mind added. "Oh god...I can't... I'm not..."

Denial can hold up against a lot of things, but the harsh light of fingerfucking your friend and enjoying it almost to the point of getting off, was a bit too much to ask for, even for Draco.

He clutched his un-buttoned shirt to his chest and heaved what was left of his dinner over the side of the bed, to splatter more disgustingly all over the flagstones.

"Oh, fuck, "he moaned.

"Draco," Blaise said softly, letting go of his fear and sliding forward. Tentatively, Blaise rested a hand on the small of Draco's back, rubbing a small circle, hoping it was welcome and that Draco wouldn't pull away from him. He fumbled around over Draco's body to find his wand, making the vomit and the stench disappear. "Draco?" he asked.

He kept retching even when his stomach had nothing left to give and Draco felt very cold, even if he was dressed and in a warm bed. "Oh, hell" the exclamation was weak at best and Draco wiped his mouth with the edge of the cover. "Blaise? ... I'm dead, my father's really going to kill me this time."

Dread almost left him frozen in horror when every conceivable reaction his father could have to the knowledge of Draco actually being a perverted freak and his own death did flash before his eyes several times in a few seconds. He was doomed.

Once Blaise was finally sure that Draco was done, he cleaned up again, and pulled Draco back so his head was resting in Blaise's lap. He smoothed down the blond hair, wiping a bit of sweat away. "Draco, you don't even know if anybody heard us. For all we know, everybody was in the common room, and that's far enough down the hall that the sounds couldn't have possibly travelled." He kept petting Draco's head trying to find to stay rational, because one of them panicking was more than enough. "There's no way Vincent has a clue what just happened. Nobody knows, Draco. You're over reacting, it'll be fine."

"No, you don't understand," Draco talked to the crease in Blaise's trouser, rather than directly to the boy. "I liked it... I liked it. Aw fuck." he hid his face in the lap he was in, arms wrapped around Blaise's waist.

Some part of Blaise was insanely glad that Draco wasn't pushing him away. "Um, well, I did too. It's not bad, is it Draco? I mean, you're my best friend in the world. It's not like we've done this with just anybody..."

His hands kept up the steady motion of soothing Draco, petting his hair, and rubbing his back.

"You!" Draco hissed, still pressing his face against Blaise's lap and pushing up against the hands soothing him. "You did, the head boy not that long ago. And yes it's bad! It means..." he swallowed audibly, "that maybe I'm... I'm not thinking about that."

“But yes, best friends.” Draco tried to get his panic attack under control, as Blaise said; it was unlikely that anyone knew about it. He could chose to ignore it, at this thought, Draco pressed a little closer to Blaise, or just be extremely discreet all of his life.

"I did not!" Blaise exclaimed. "I never did anything like this with anybody else, Draco. I wouldn't, not ever." He tugged a bit on Draco, so he could properly hug him.

"Hmmm," but he let it slide, hugged Blaise back fiercely, and breathed in the scent of sweat and sex lingering on him. "I'll kill him if you do. He shouldn't go after you like that... stupid sod that he is."

"I wouldn't. Promise." Blaise needed Draco too badly to risk whatever it was they had over something so stupid like another boy. Not when Draco was the only person Blaise really loved. Of course, he wouldn't be telling the other boy that anytime soon.

"Draco, are you okay now?"

"Do I look all right to you?" Draco lifted his sweaty face with its red blotches on his cheeks and forehead and stared at him. "But you can let go, if you want. I think my emotional moment is over now." He rubbed his face against Blaise's shirt-clad shoulder, but made no move to let go.

"Don't be silly. I don't want to let go." Blaise used the corner of his shirt to wipe some of the sweat out of Draco's eyes. "Do you want a glass of water? Can I do anything for you?" He looked at Draco with wide eyes, needing to do something, anything really, to help him. Even if all Draco wanted was for Blaise to stay next to him.

"Water, yes." Draco pulled himself upright and took a deep breath to calm himself. No matter what happened, he was a Malfoy and knew what had to be done. Had anyone seen them, Draco would just have to Obliviate said person.

"Just water, thank you." the taste of vomit was thick in his mouth and not really all that appealing. “And a shower, god, I’m drenched and reeking.”

There was always a glass of water and a small pitcher full next to each bed, and a wave of the wand had the glass nice and chilled before Blaise handed it over to Draco. "Here, that'll help. Want me to wait, while you shower?" Blaise's tone of voice made it very clear he didn't actually want to sit by himself, but he wasn't quite sure if Draco wanted him to be naked and wet right next to him, all over again.

Draco drank the whole glass in one go and handed the glass back. "What ever you like, I'm going to wash up before bed. Look at me, I look almost as bad as a Gryffindor." Draco gestured to his matted hair and rumpled clothes.

He got his bath-kit from the trunk and with a little work, got off the bed to stand next to it. "The bath is public you know."¨

Draco did want Blaise close by, in bed, in the shower, for class, but he was not the kind of person to ask for it and he settled for just shrugging and fidgeting with his kit a little.

"Alright," Blaise nodded, sliding out of bed himself, and getting his things. It hurt a bit to walk, and he grimaced when his feet first hit the ground. Maybe they could take it a little slower next time, he thought. It suddenly hit him that there would be a next time, making Blaise smile slightly. Trying not to show the pain on his face, he made his way over to Draco. "Ugh, I feel sticky," he whined.

Draco poked him near his hairline, finger coming back glistening with sweat. "You are sticky." He grinned a little and pulled his own shirt away from his skin, "Not that I'm in much better shape." With a frown firmly in place before they left the dorm, Draco strode towards the Slytherin-showers, looking as imposing as always.

Blaise followed Draco on his heels, trying to look like he was sweaty from a good fly, not a good fuck. It was a little hard, considering he was nearly limping to keep up with Draco's brisk pace. "Draco," Blaise said, tugging on his shirt. "Let’s use the Prefects bath. This way, we can lock the door, and nobody will see us." Draco stopped for a moment, nodded, and the pair made a sharp right hand turn, the bathroom right there, and blissfully empty.

The two entered the room, Blaise making sure to lock it right away. He didn't dare cast a silencing spell, because if people couldn't hear the rush of water, it would be a dead giveaway that something was going on in there. Instead, he hoped the sounds of water would cover anything they said.

Blaise looked at the tub longingly. "Do you think we have time for a hot soak?" he asked Draco. "I could really use it."

Draco just followed the other boy where he went, still a little gob-smacked by the sudden insight to his own psyche, but doing his best not to let it show it on his face.

Once there, Draco stepped out of his clothes and stretched out.

"I can't see why not. But it's not as if I can tell time in here." He turned on his favourite taps and the large tub filled up with warm water and white bubbles. “Anything special you want? “ Draco walked over to Blaise, figuring with insight that a more casual approach to the boy was in order and carefully ran a hand up Blaise’s arm.

"No," he answered, instinctively leaning towards Draco. "Whatever you want is fine by me." He sniffed the air, the scent of the bubbles giving off a light fragrance that reminded Blaise of Draco. He smiled softly, and undressed quickly, leaving his dirty clothing in a small pile next to Draco's.

The tub was filling up fast, despite how large it was and it didn't take long before steam billowed from it, making the air moist and warm to breath. Draco shot the mermaid in the painting a scolding glare as she seemed to be giggling and ducked behind her tail-fin.

"It's only luck that that particular painting has been muted."

Draco hissed when the hot water lapped at his legs and moved more slowly in to the water. He took even greater care when the water reached his groin, cursing a little under his breath. And finally Draco could recline against the edge, letting just his head stay above water.

Blaise grinned at Draco's statement, following him into the hot water. He was alright until he tried to sit down, yelping softly and jumping back up. The water stung too much. Blaise shot Draco a rueful look, and tried again, even slower this time, successfully managing to sit down with only a hiss of pain and a muttered curse word.

Once in the water, Blaise let out a breath of air, and seemed to let go of all his muscles, floating limply in the water. He moved a bit closer to Draco, close enough to rest his head on Draco's shoulder, and sighed.

"This is good," he said, stretching his sore muscles out.

"Hmmmm, yes, " Draco agreed and stretched out under water. The warmth of it was heaven against his former sticky, sweaty skin and Draco massaged some of the soap in to his hair, ending up with more suds than hair on his head.

"Just need the WWN to get something to listen to while we're here."

Blaise had moved away a little while Draco was washing the filth out of his hair, but as soon as the soap was more or less out, Draco dared to reach out and pull him closer again.

Sighing happily, Blaise curled up next to Draco, the water lapping at his skin. He yawned, and his eyes fluttered close. "I think I'm too tired to wash," he complained.

"You've got to be joking? You didn't.." Draco faltered and blushed, "...do anything."

He was feeling more than a little odd about this; it was one thing to be close and naked in the heat of it, but to do it just like that? Somehow he had to fix this, just because he might be like that, (Draco refused to even think the word gay) didn't mean he had to stay that way. Draco glanced down at Blaise's closed eyes and serene looking face. Maybe he could be freakish just for a little bit longer.

Draco sneaked an arm around Blaise and sighed.

One eye peaked open, looking at Draco quite seriously, "There were two of us on that bed, yes? Though I don't expect a change of position anytime in the future, you try having your legs over your head, somebody pounding into you, and then tell me you're not tired afterwards." Blaise closed eyes again, laying a hand flat on Draco's chest, "Everything aches."

"Errhhhh.." There wasn't a whole lot he could reply to that. "Well, no. I don't think I would like that..." Draco might be able to live with, for now, the notion that fingering Blaise wasn't a bad thing, but no-one was going to put anything up his arse.

He shuddered just at the thought of it and ran his hand down Blaise's wet back. "Anything I can do?" It was, after all, kind of Draco's fault.

Cracking an eye open again, Blaise looked at Draco for a moment. "Wash my back?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure," and a few moments later, armed with a handful of soap, Draco started washing Blaise's back with effective strokes. With most of the soap washed off, and the water a whole lot murkier, Draco pressed both thumps in to rock-hard knots of Blaise's shoulders. Firmly trying to get the cramped-up muscles relax.


Blaise sighed, almost immediately relaxing from Draco's tender care. "Mmmm, yes. That feel really good."

Draco's clever hands worked away the tenseness in Blaise's shoulders, sliding down to work along his spine. When Draco hit the small of Blaise's back, Blaise nearly purred in pleasure.

Blaise all but melted against him, making it a little difficult to keep up the back-rub but it did bring Blaise wonderfully close. "Hmmm, you have to move a bit if you want me to continue."

Draco had Blaise almost flush against his chest, both hands framing the boy's hips and more nervous than he should have been, all things considered, kissed the shoulder in front of him.

"Alright," Blaise agreed, though a bit mindlessly. With the way he was currently feeling, Blaise would have probably agreed with anything Draco said. He let Draco reposition him, and sighed when Draco's hands started moving again.

Draco kept moving his hands over Blaise's back until his fingers felt raw and sore, kneading and applying pressure all the while.

In the end, Draco just stopped, half-way convinced that Blaise was asleep propped up on the edge and hurried through his own, more private, washing. When he was done, he settled back against the edge.

"Clean now?" Blaise asked softly from where Draco had left him dozing. Blaise sat up, forced himself to wake up enough to scrub down his dirtier parts, fully aware that Draco was watching his every move. Blaise couldn't help the slight grimace of pain when he ran the washcloth over his arse, but he forced himself to clean the area thoroughly.

He finished quickly, but didn't settle back down. "Should we go back to the dorms now? I want to sleep in a real bed."

"Yes, sleep might not be a bad idea right about now." he nodded and climbed out of the water.

"Catch!" Draco threw a big fluffy towel at Blaise as soon as he exited the tub and rubbed himself dry with one of his own. All clean and dry, Draco went to look for his discarded clothes, still dirty and still in a heap on the floor. He wrinkled his nose at it but put them on anyways. After all, Draco wasn't about to paraded half-naked through a drafty castle only wearing a towel.

"I'm done. And should anyone ask, we went flying. Should anyone seem as if they know, hex them."

"Yes Draco," Blaise nodded, donning his own dirty clothes. "Let’s hurry, because I really want to get into my pyjamas. These clothes are disgusting." Blaise made a face, and ushered Draco out of the bathroom, after they gathered their stuff together.

Fortunately for them, the walk back to the dorm was uneventful, and the only people in the dorm were Vincent and Gregory, both of which appeared to be sleeping. Blaise slipped away from Draco's side and quickly changed into fresh pyjamas, the dark green silk ones Draco had gotten him as a gift one year.

The walk back was uneventful and the common room blessedly free of anything else but studying seventh years and it would take something louder than shuffling feet to draw their attention away from the books.

Once safe back in the dorm, Draco donned his pyjama pants and climbed in between his sheets. His sweaty, used sheets. He huffed.

"Good night, Blaise," whispered Draco and rolled away from the wet spot he'd landed in, pulled the cover up to his neck and nuzzled in to the boy-scented pillow. The sheets could wait until tomorrow.

Blaise wasn't even bed yet, and watched Draco climb into his with a pout. "Draco," Blaise whined softly so as to not wake his dorm mates, "Come sleep in my bed. The sheets are clean."

Draco lifted his head and peered up at Blaise, he might have a point but nearly being caught once was more than enough.

"Blaise, get over here."

Sighing, Blaise climbed into Draco's bed, trying to avoid the wet spot himself. He looked at it in distaste, and grabbed his wand to dry it up. The spot stiff, but no longer wet, Blaise slid over to Draco. "Yes?" he answered voice even lower now that they were so close.

"Don't ask me that with people in the room? Do you have any idea what... and sleep in the same bed?" Yes, Draco wanted that. They had done that a million times when they were younger; nightmares, home-sickness, just falling asleep after talking about everything and nothing in the closed-up space. But somehow it was different when they had something to hide.

"Someone's going to see us, "

Blaise raised an eyebrow, "Draco, we do this almost every night. If nothings been said so fair, nothing will be said yet." Blaise sighed, "Nobody cares. It would probably be weird if we weren't sharing a bed. Everybody knows that I'm small and sickly, and that you always take care of me. That's what our relationship looks like to everybody else, did you know?" He sighed again, and shivered, "But I'll go sleep in my own bed, if you want."

After frowning and thinking and a little more frowning, Draco nodded. "Alright, we can sleep in the same bed. Yours, this one's... sticky." He got his wand out from under the pillow, "But I'm putting up a silence-charm. It's nobody's business what we discus."

"Alright," Blaise agreed, secretly relieved that Draco had agreed. They climbed out of Draco's bed, and into Blaise's, the curtains closed tightly behind them. Draco cast the charm, and then the two settled into bed together, Blaise sliding next to Draco and curling up into his chest.

With little thought, Draco wrapped both arms around his best friend and pulled him close, nuzzling in to his hair. Really, this was loads better than just the pillow and Draco sighed happily.

"Sweet dreams." and with that, Draco closed his eyes and started drifting off to sleep, cradling Blaise in his arms.

Something was licking his face and Draco batted at it, "Blaise, not now. God, I need sleep." he whined and tried to get his face away from a rough tongue still lapping at him.

"Huh, what?" Blaise opened his eyes. "I'm not-" he cut off abruptly, and started to laugh. "I think I should be insulted," Blaise managed between snickers. He sat up slightly, and scooped the kitten that had apparently made Blaise's bed his own.


With extreme difficulty Draco opened his eyes and wiped his face off in the cover. "Kit, that's disgusting!" The tiny kitten merely purred at him and snuggled up with Blaise. "And that wasn't funny! God knows where that tongue had been before that little pest licked my face."

He still rolled over his side and petted the little thing, though. "Sleep?" Draco nudged Blaise a little and tried to fall asleep...again.

Blaise snickered softly, and turned on his side, his back resting against Draco's chest. The kitten curled up around Blaise's stomach. Blaise pulled on Draco's arm, so it was around his waist, and tucked his head under Draco's chin.

"Yes, sleep now," he yawned.

Instead of merely letting his hand rest on top of Blaise', Draco weaved their fingers together and pressed close enough for them to be touching from head to toe.

He was pleasantly relaxed and on his way to falling asleep, finally, when Draco remembered about Blaise coming to stay at the Manor all summer. And that Pansy, his fiancé, would be there some of the time.

"Hey Blaise?" Draco whispered, "About this summer... this ... what ever it is, wouldn't be a problem for you, once Pansy's around, will it?"

Blaise caught his breath, his fingers tightening around Draco's, "Um. How long is she staying?" He focused on the kitten rubbing it's forehead against Blaise's neck, gently scratching behind it's ears. "I think, I think it'll be fine."

"A few weeks maybe. Mother wants to get to know her better, considering." The grip on his hand was getting a little painful and Draco flexed his fingers. "I hope you will be..."

Blaise loosened his fingers till it was only a light grip, and forced himself to relax. He sighed again, and shifted in towards Draco, intertwining a leg with him. "Draco?" he started softly, "Do you... um. Well, with Pansy... Oh, nevermind."

"No, tell me. Do I what with Pansy?"

"Doyouloveher?" Blaise asked very fast, glad Draco was behind him and couldn't see the blushing he knew was rapidly spreading across his checks. He could feel his cheeks burning, and seemed to burrow down into the blankets.


Draco got up on his elbow and forcefully turned Blaise over to his back, so he could look at him. "It's Pansy. I love her as a sister and a good friend, of course." The kitten wasn’t all the thrilled at getting shifted once again and made its discontentment clear to everyone by mewling loudly.

"But Draco..." Blaise looked up at him, eyes wide, "You're going to have to have sex with her!" The look on Blaise's face gave away how he felt about that option, even while he rested a hand on Draco's chest.

"Yes, I'll marry her, I'm pretty sure sex would be part of that." Sex with Pansy didn't really look as a good prospect, but Draco was not going to let his parents down by not producing an heir. He took Blaise's hand and gave it a squeeze, "It's going to be fine. There is more then a year until I'm going to do that."

"I... suppose," Blaise agreed. He sighed again, and then tugged on their linked hands. "I'm tired. Can we sleep now?" He yawned widely, looking around for the kitten to pet. "I don't want to think about Pansy anymore."

"Erhh... if you like." Draco shook his head, but laid back down without complains, wrapping his arm around Blaise. Spooning like this soon drove everything else but sleep (and Blaise, just a little) from his mind and he muttered a soft "Sleep well." before closing his eyes.

"Thanks Draco," Blaise yawned, sliding closer. It was a little odd sleeping in his bed, since they were usually in Draco's. But Blaise's sheets were almost as nice as Draco's, if not quite as soft.

"You're welcome," Draco mumbled and slid one leg in-between Blaise's, effectively wrapping himself vine-like round him. "Before I forget, thank you."

"Hmm? For what?" Blaise asked, curling in towards Draco's warm body.

"Uhhmmmm, for earlier. It was... very nice," and it was a good thing Blaise couldn't see just how red Draco got from saying that, but the blush felt hot enough to be felt even through Blaise's pyjamas-top.

Blaise grinned, and rolled over, mostly hiding under Draco's body. He pressed a soft kiss into the underside of Draco's chin, "It was, I agree." He chose to ignore Draco's blush, now that he could see it.

"Hmmmm, yes,"

With one arm around Blaise's shoulders and both legs intertwined with his, Blaise was all but pinned to the madras and Draco smirked down at him. "A second performance in the future might not be out of the questions."

He kissed the edge of Blaise's lips, tongue darting out to have just a little taste of clean skin.

He smoothed down Draco's pyjama shirt, and leaned into the kiss. "Mmm, I should hope so," Blaise said softly.

Draco made a sound that could mean 'I agree' and opened his mouth over Blaise's, kissing in a sleepy, comfortable pace. With sluggish movements, Draco managed to get one arm around to cup the firm arse and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Mmm," Blaise answered, just as sleepily, moving almost instinctively closer to Draco. Blaise wrapped an arm around Draco, curling inwards, and slipped it under the silk shirt he was wearing, resting it against the warm skin.

"Better stop... " Draco whispered and with one final kiss, curled up against Blaise, careful not to dislodge the hand on his skin. With Blaise's head tucked under his chin and arms and legs tangled together, he finally closed his eyes and fell asleep.


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