Feb. 4th, 2007

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Since I’ve ceased using my other journal, and the rpg might get deleted one day, I decided to post a few logs from the game here. If only to remember some good times by, if nothing else.

Room of Requirement
Characters: Blaise Zabini (played by the ever brilliant Anne) and Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC17
AN - Pryor to this, Draco and Blaise had had a little mutually beneficial oral in the Prefects Bathroom. Blaise forgot about the incident, while Draco remembered everything. Blaise has just learned about the location of the RoR from a meeting with the Hufflepuff Prefect and wants to show it to Draco. The game started before the release of HBP, which means Blaise is not black.

A ball room? This was great and all, but I'm not dancing with you. I'm naked. )
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Same game as before. Pre-HBP, Blaise is not black.

Characters: Blaise Zabini (Again, played by Anne) and Draco Malfoy
Rated: NC17
AN - Blaise can’t sleep and decides to tell Draco about his encounter with a Hufflepuff.

Well well, flattery will get you everywhere. )


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