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I had so many things to do, but sadly I found myself captivated by a crappy fanfic. And not just a crappy one. Oh no, but one that made me fire up photoshop, because really -- I just had to.

The fanfic is about Ebony (sometimes Enoby, the author seems a little confused about that.) But, Ebony gets a boyfriend. Draco Malfoy. And not some random Draco Malfoy, no sir, but Hot Topic Goth Draco. Hot Topic Draco has an ex-boyfriend: Vampyre. Vampyre is formerly known as Harry Potter.

So, I had to make Draco and Vampyre.

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More rpg

Feb. 11th, 2007 02:51 pm
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Same rpg as the others.

Hogsmeade trip
Characters: Draco and Harry. (Harry is played by Lita; my favourite Harry on the entire internet! She plays him brilliantly and should play him more /hint)
Rated: PG13
AN – During a round of truth-or-dare in the dungeons one night, Daphne wrote a little note on Draco’s behind. Waking up, none of the students could remember what had happened the night before and Draco was frankly horrified at the writing on his bum. In an effort to set his mind at rest, he decides to corner Potter and demand the truth about the writing on his arse.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ron had had a run-in with a defective Pensive and lost about two weeks worth of memories.

You have my what on your where?! )


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